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Writing the Perfect Sales Page with Courtney Johnston of the Rule Breakers Club

Episode 069: Show Notes

Today on the podcast, you are meeting one of our favorite people. Courtney Johnston is here from the Rule Breaker’s Club. We love Courtney because she cuts right to the meat, just like we do, so you can be guaranteed that this is an absolutely no-fluff episode. Courtney is the go-to person for all things sales copy and we are so excited for you to hear all the amazing things she has to share about how to create and sell your signature services.

Today on the podcast, you are meeting one of our favorite people. Courtney Johnston is here from the Rule Breaker’s Club. We love Courtney because she cuts right to the meat, just like we do, so you can be guaranteed that this is an absolutely no-fluff episode. Courtney is the go-to person for all things sales copy and we are so excited for you to hear all the amazing things she has to share about how to create and sell your signature services.  |  The Strategy Hour  |  Think Creative Collective

In this episode, we talk about common mistakes that people make on their sales pages, key areas that every single sales page should have, and how to brag about yourself without it being weird or awkward. Courtney even has some tips on how you can make a very sexy sales page super convincing to the people you want to be talking to, without worrying about a really lengthy, long copy. We also dive into how to grab testimonials and what to include in your frequently asked questions, so you can make sure that you are protected and that you are getting the right people buying the stuff that you are selling. This is a meaty one, and we cover each topic in a ton of detail. We also reference even more free valuable content inside this episode, so stay tuned!

Is a Sales Page Right For Your Business?

When it comes to having sales copy for your business, a long form sales page may not be for everyone. You know, the type of page where you scroll down for 25 minutes before you get to the bottom? Yeah, that’s not for everybody. But a longer form sales page definitely suits some businesses. If you are selling an eCourse or something extensive, then oftentimes the value of the ask is higher and therefore requires much more copy to help talk someone through the purchase decision. So keep in mind, the sales conversation is different for everyone and varies from business to business. You might only need a “work with me” page, which is not exactly like a sales page, or a product description, which is also different. However, the bottom line is that it is all still sales conversation, so a lot of the same rules still apply, and you still want to follow most of the same principles.You just have to find the exact format or the exact method that works best for your business.

Applying the Rainbow of Sales Method

The rainbow of sales applies to everything you do. You can use it for sales copy, to write a blog post, to come up with new service ideas, product ideas, courses — it literally applies to everything. It is all about making sure that you are creating results for people and that you are communicating the results of what you are creating for people. To understand the rainbow of sales, picture a cloud and a pot of gold, and connecting the two is a rainbow. First, you have the cloud, which represents where your target customer is right now. What situation are they in before they’ve used your amazing product? Next is the pot of gold, which represents the outcome or result that they want. Then finally, the rainbow is just the bridge between the cloud and the gold. Essentially, it is your offer, and how it is going to take them from frustration to result.

Going to Brag-Town Without Sounding Like An Egotistical A-Hole

In order to “brag” about yourself, you have got to have a little sense of humor. Add a comedic aspect to it, and really connect by incorporating a human touch. Now, that is not everybody’s brand. By no means do you have to use sarcasm or be weird. However, if that’s part of your brand, own it. Everyone is unique. So what you need to do is pull out the sound bites, mentioning that you have been featured in different places. Writing your bio in the first person is another big thing. If you don’t, it can start to feel like you are putting a wall between yourself and the reader when they know you wrote the bio anyway. So it doesn’t really help. It’s about turning it back on why you and your business are a benefit to the customer.

Giving Out Your Numbers Without Sounding Forced

The number one thing to remember about giving your numbers is you don’t need to create a narrative around it. You can just tell them the information. Simply start by stating the numbers and the facts right in your bio along with the other information that you provide about yourself. Just state it outright — no fluff needed! The same concept is true for your sales price; just say it. If you need to be justifying your price, then the true problem lies within your sales copy. The main strategy is just to state the facts, and if you are feeling too wordy or “braggy”, turn those same facts into a more visual representation so that it can be more subtly featured at the bottom or side of the copy on your website.

Setting Up a System to Gather Awesome Testimonials

To ensure consistent and reliable testimonials from your clients, you need to set up a system in your business that automatically allows you to collect them. The first step of the system is to really communicate to your clients about the fact that there will be some type of feedback expected from them, and continuously remind them that it is coming. From there, send out a form asking them for feedback, not a testimonial. This way you can gather feedback, both positive and constructive, and then pull out testimonials from the feedback that is given. Finally, draft up a testimonial from the feedback that they have given, send it to them and ask them to review it by a specific deadline. This way you are making it as easy as possible for them and you will have a great testimonial as a result.


You’re not a bad business owner because you’re not getting random praise from people.
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Conquering Your Sales Page, Once and For All

If you really want to nail your sales page, one of the biggest things is that you have to look at it from the perspective of the buyer, not the seller. The biggest mistake we are seeing is that there is too much text, too many boxes, and not enough simplicity. If it is not easily scan-able, no one is reading it and therefore no one is buying from you. The first thing you need to do is to break your sales page into sections. Make sure that you have a headline for each section communicating its main idea, giving you an overall summary of the sales page. The next tip is never to have paragraphs that are more than two or maybe three sentences long. Finally, make sure that you are actually giving enough information about your offer itself. Do NOT assume that your clients know everything about it. Break it down for them, and give enough information about what it actually is.


  • Find out whether or not a sales page is the right thing for you and your business. [0:04:56.4]
  • Learn more about the rainbow of sales method that Courtney applies to everything in her business. [0:05:56.1]
  • Get Courtney’s tips on how to brag about yourself without sounding too full of yourself, while still getting the message across. [0:12:53.9]
  • Understand how to communicate your numbers without it sounding forced or overly pushy. [0:15:43.2]
  • Find out how to implement a system to help you automatically gather testimonials from your clients. [0:18:20.9]
  • Learn how to conquer your sales page, and really knock it out of the park for your business. [0:23:45.3]

#TalkStrategyToMe [0:47:50.4]

  1. Leave your office and go read your sales page with a fresh pair of eyes, and make a list of things you can improve.

  2. Make sure that you have all 14 of the sales page sections that you need.

  3. Make sure in each section you have a headline that is communicating the main idea.

  4. Break up your text and try to make it visually compelling.

  5. Create a call to action focused on the person and what they are getting.


Courtney Johnston

Rule Breakers Club

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Courtney Johnston is the founder + copywriter at The Rule Breaker's Club where she teaches women how to create + sell signature services that stand out from the crowd! She’s pretty much the only person who can make writing sales pages fun (hint: it involves rainbows and pots of gold). Courtney has been featured on, CreativeLive, and the Huffington Post. She’s from Michigan, started her business in Paris, and currently lives in Montreal. You can learn her 14-part sales page recipe for free at


  • Finding the right sales copy for your business.

  • Implementing the rainbow of sales method.

  • How to eloquently “brag” about yourself.

  • Communicating your stats and numbers.

  • Gathering client testimonials.

  • Creating a successful sales page.




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