You Can't Do It All: The Power of Investing in Your Business

We know that at the start of your business journey, or heck, maybe even a few years into it, you’re doing a lot for your business. You’re trying to master production, content curation, social media, marketing, and SO much more. There will come a point (and maybe you’re there right now) where you know that your business needs something else to move forward. There will come a time when you need to put together an action plan full of new strategies to get yourself and your business to the next level.

The Power of Investing in Your Business | Think Creative Collective

How do you get there? How can you get your business what it needs? At this point, you have three options:

  1. You can keep using the same ol’ strategies: Hey, you got to where you are with them, so they can’t be that bad. We’re just not sure how long they’ll continue to be successful for your business since they’re most likely pretty niched. 
  2. You can bootstrap it: There are plenty of articles, podcasts and books available that you can hunt down and go through. Some will probably contradict the rest, a few might have some excellent tips, but you’ll mostly be weeding out what is and isn’t applicable to your business. You could spend the next year or so trying and testing the different things you’ve read to see what works for your business, and you’ll hopefully find the sweet spot for your success. 
  3. You can learn from the experts: More importantly, learn from experts who are walking the walk, have shown it in their success, and teach in ways that make sense to you. When you make sure of these things you’ll be sure to get strategies that you know will work for you business.

Do your research

These days there are a TON of options for you to up-level your business game by investing in it. There are countless e-courses, paid programs, and groups for you to be a part of. So sifting through all these can be daunting. We highly recommend that you (virtually) get to know the person or business that you’re hoping to invest in before doing so. Start by joining their mailing list and following their social media. From here you’ll be able to see what value they’re putting out there on the regular (without spending any money) and you should also be able to catch a glimpse at what others think of them through their social media interactions, as well as gaining a front row perspective on their values and purpose. 

It’s not cookie cutter

Going into to any business investment, know that the strategies, plans or methods won’t be totally tailored to your specific industry. However, you should be learning from an expert that has either had direct experience in your field or has already taught others in the same industry as you. We like to tell all of our students or clients that we want them to “tweak and repeat” the strategies we teach. Meaning, take the basis of what works and apply it to your own business. Then, tweak as needed and try again. This is why we love teaching the foundations to build a business or specific strategy, so that it can be applied by countless business owners. 

It pays to pay

We’re sure you’ve been through this before: you get something for free (a download, a trial, a bonus, or whatever) and you let it kind of sit there. You almost forget that you got it and you’ve yet to really see the value in it. However, when you save up your money or spend your hard earned dollars on something, it gets your full attention. There’s power in exchanging money for educational tools. They automatically become something that you work into your schedule to dedicate time and energy on, because you don’t want it to be a waste of money. It’s the same thing in regards to tools for your business. You might have loads of templates, guides or worksheets hidden in a folder on your computer that you downloaded “just in case”, but once you decide to actually invest in something, it’s a game changer.

So ask yourself, what is your business ready for? What does it need to move forward? Maybe you need to work on the pillars that make a small business thrive like list building, blogging, goal setting and more. Maybe you need a kick in the booty regarding pricing and the formulas to sell better so you can get to making money today. You might need a simple worksheet that will help you formulate a plan to move forward. Either way we've got you covered. 

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