Entrepreneur Diaries: Q&A with the Faces Behind the Collective

Today we are mixing things up and bringing you an interview version of Entrepreneur Diaries! We’ve had some pretty dang crazy amazing growth the past few months so we know that some of our readers may not have a clue about who we are and what we’re all about. Let’s dive in!

Entrepreneur Diaries: Q&A with the Faces Behind the Collective  |  Think Creative

Tell us your “work” title and why you picked it…

Abagail: I think I have changed my title about 5 times over the course of a couple years. My most recent was Creative Director and Blogger. I just flipped the switch and am now referring to myself as Brand Designer + Strategist. My role continues to shift as my business grows and now I think my title better suites my current role. Does that mean I am done blogging? Absolutely not!

Emylee: Well currently I’m Brand Stylist + Planner. I had help from Abagail on this one because it’s sometimes difficult for me to see myself more than “just the photographer”. I’m doing way more than just clicking the shutter when I help create visual representations of someone’s brand. Also, I’m really happy about having Planner absolutely had to be part of my title because I’m a little bit of a freak when it comes to mapping things out for businesses. 

What are some dream jobs you had before this one?

Abagail: Oh this list is kind of crazy, let’s see. Bariatric Surgeon, Fighter Pilot, Photographer for National Geographic, Cereal Box Designer…. just to name a few. They all have some crazy stories to go with them.

Emylee: Let’s see….my most embarrassing one is that I told my Nana when I was very young that I wanted to be a Hooter’s Girl because I really liked Owls, ha! Other than that big dream I’ve considered Counselor, College Professor, Coffee Shop owner - apparently I have a thing for C titles. 

Pen or Pencil?

Abagail: Pen 100% of the time! I think I got tired of erasing and seeing so many pencil marks in design school. I now write with intention. I am not afraid to scribble something out. And if I think it looks really bad, I may start my post-it over.

Emylee: Pencil. Pencil all the way. Who can commit like that?? I have a pencil sharpener always on my desk and a drawer full of nubby pencils. 

What’s your number one biggest business regret?

Abagail: Gesh, this is hard! I guess if you are putting me on the spot it would be not giving myself enough credibility. I was always the girl who needed praise, not because anyone else thought I did something wrong, but I had beer goggle vision and would never see my work for what it was. Definitely a negative self talker. Once I let it all go, started to be proud of my work and willing to put myself on the line I saw dramatic changes in my life and my business. 

Emylee: I think my biggest business mistake is one I sometimes still fall into. It's taken me a while to accept clients or jobs that fell outside of what I was comfortable doing. I'm stuck in the "just a photographer" mentality so when someone approaches me for something else my first response is to hand it off to another creative. I kind of threw this out the window this spring when I launched an e-course and the amount of new business owners I've been able to teach and see their business in a new way absolutely blows my mind. 

What’s your absolute favorite thing you get to work on during the week?

Abagail: Honestly my favorite part is getting to know new people. I love hearing about their background. There dreams, their hopes, their wants. And most of all when they are ready to put that passion into a full-time effort to grow a successful business. It makes my heart flutter a bit. I am always so proud of my clients!!

Emylee: This is kind of funny but I really like editing images. Hahaha it's amazing to get to style these branded shots or shoot a cute workshop but when you start to see these shots beautified on screen it makes me so happy. 

Dogs or cats?

Abagail: Is this even a question? Dogs 100%. It may not help that cats make me want to scratch my eyes out from allergies, but definitely dogs. I love my two rescue Beagles even if they can be a handful.

Emylee: Woof. Dogs rule, cats drool. I'm the crazy dog lady that would rescue ALL THE PUPS if I could. 

What’s one tip you’d give someone who is about to quit their day job to make their “side hustle” their full time gig?

Abagail: My biggest tip is definitely to have a plan! I see so many people come to me with a dream or a hope, but they aren’t really sure how they go from point A to point B. 9 times out of 10 those who aren’t sure what to do next haven’t planned out a roadmap. They don’t see the to do list and are waffling in analyzation mode. Take it in baby steps, remember you had to learn to walk before you learned to run!

Emylee: I'd say try not confine yourself or think in a box. Sometimes we have such a strong idea for how we want our business to look or how we think it should be that we aren't seeing the signs pointing us elsewhere. I never in a million years thought I'd be doing this but there were some pretty clear signs and I'm so happy I listened. So many new bosses put themselves in this box without remembering that they get to make the rules and define what's normal for their own business. It's freeing once you just let that thought be true. 




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