What Just Happened? BONUS: Unlock the Replay + Score Free Coaching

We are still coming down from the rush of our live launch party webinar from yesterday! If you missed out on all the fun make sure you unlock the replay here (bonus: get an all access backstage pass to our LOADED resource library + hear how you can snag a never before offered service!).

We just made a HUGE announcement!! And it includes some awesome opportunities, including access to free group coaching!  |  Think Creative Collective

Yesterday we unloaded all the ways we threw competition out the window and decided to make our own new version of awesome. Today we wanted to let you in on all the amazing changes and let you know all the ways we are here to make your business and life explode (in the best ways!).


If you’ve been around for awhile you can expect all the fabulous blog posting to continue! We now have double brain powers to push out fabulous content to you 4-5 days a week. The Backstage Resource Library is still there and will continue to grow with top-notch strategies, inspiration and how-to’s for you so make sure you’re checking back regularly.


Some exciting new things are going down as well. We’ll be adding more and more events to the calendar like jam-packed-knowledge-bomb-dropping webinars and in-person pop-up events. We absolutely are blown away by how this tribe has grown and we need to squeeze your faces. Tulsa we’ll be seeing ya on Saturday (tomorrow!) and Kansas City get ready cause we’re comin’ for ya! We also have some pretty unique offers that we’ve put up. You’ll be able to snag video critique sessions, branded stock photography, lifestyle marketing sessions for your business and some pretty amazing website + design premier packages.

Think Creative Collective | Abagail and Emylee


We’ve been paying attention to what’s been missing in the industry and we are so ready to make your business shine. We paid attention to all the signs and decided to throw competition out the window. We’ve done pretty much the opposite of the creative industry norm and decided to share with each other everything about our businesses and morph them into something completely new and just as fabulous!

Not only can this powerhouse totally revamp your biz brand with our strategy sessions, photography or website packages but we can definitely get you going with all our amazing free content on the blog or Backstage. Read about our crazy policy of “giving it all away”.

Sometimes there's a strategy that you need a little extra help with. Maybe it's your Instagram presence, blog posting ideas, website copy or business tools. We would love to walk through all of your goals and business thoughts. We are offering for a limited time and for only 10 people dual strategy sessions. Meaning you get Abagail's mind + Emylee's mind in one jam packed hour. Normally we'd offer these sessions for $600 but since we're celebrating you can snag one for way less.

We want to thank you for being on this wild and crazy ride with us. You keep us inspired and make us proud.

Interested in FREE coaching?

We've got you covered. Once in month over in our private community we'll be hosting hour long Q & A's on various biz topics. We'll be there for the full hour (probably with wine and in our pj's) answering all your burning questions on the topic. This is the perfect opportunity for you to get some in-depth strategy and to be there to meet + help your fellow bosses. We're all about give, give, give and we want you on board too! Catch your first free session next week, September 30th at 8:00 p.m.

Missed our BIG Announcement?! Unlock the Replay.  |  Think Creative Collective

Missed our BIG Announcement today? 

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