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We’ve been throwing this term around lately, that we’re a one-stop marketing and branding shop. But what does that mean and more importantly what does that mean for you? Combining our expertise into what is now Think Creative Collective was of the utmost importance to us. We continue to be amazed at how similar our goals and passions are for teaching, giving and creating. It’s so amazing to have a teammate and partner in this usually lonely field of being an entrepreneur! We knew that by combining our expertise into one hub we would be able to offer small businesses, creatives, hustlers and bosses a complete package deal to get their brand moving. 

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Here at Think Creative Collective, you can check so many things off your biz building checklist. Not just for the sake of checking items off, but checking them off with purpose and intention. You can find things that serve as building blocks for growing your business like our Social Media Strategy Kickstart or Social Media Styled Package. A custom Blog Content Calendar, Pinterest Makeover and Blog Ghost Writing can save you and your business precious time. You’ll also find the things to start your business fresh or offer a fabulous face-lift like our Brand and Website Design, Product Photography, 1:1 Strategy Sessions and Lifestyle Marketing Sessions. It’s these things that are game changers for your business and a unique combination for you to find in one place. 

It’s truly unique for you to find all these services under one roof. Rarely do you find one person who excels at so many things, but by coming together we are capable of so much more. At Think Creative Collective you have a team of talented creatives working together just for you. Abagail offering top-notch design and strategy services and Emylee offering tailored brand photography and lifestyle marketing images. 

What Abagail Brings to Think Creative Collective

As a child I used to beg my mom to go with her to the grocery store. Sure I might have the opportunity to sneak a package of Oreo's into the basket, but I went because I was mesmerized by the packaging. Up and down every isle I would be drawn in by the beautiful photography, use of typography and suggestive advertising. I noticed every time Quaker rebranded their cereal boxes and I dreamt of the day I could influence someone's purchasing decisions just by how something looked.

Did you know that often the only difference between the "store" brand and the "name" brand is the box it is in? Often these products are made by the same manufacturers and they charge you $1 more just because their is gold foil on the box.

Every day you make thousands of decisions, often without even realizing their is a decision to be made. You are influenced by TV, Radio and more and more by what you see online. I fell in love with the tiny nuances that made one Brand stand out over another. I understand the power that an online presence can have on a business and how simply improving the aesthetic can instantly persuade! 

Ultimately I want you to have a brand and website you are proud of, but I want it to represent you inside and out. I want every graphic to appeal to your ideal client and I want ever word to align with their pain points, offering practical solutions for their life. I want you to shine above the rest whether you have a team of 1 or a team of 500. Just because you operate your business out of your home doesn't mean you can't look like a multi-million dollar business online, one that remains personable, humble and focused on customer satisfaction. Whether you are just starting out or have been in the game for awhile, I am ready to help you take your business to the next level and offer a complete branding and website design support to get you there!

What Emylee Brings to Think Creative Collective

When I was first given a camera at age nine I snapped a shot of everything, everywhere. I quickly found my love in the details of the everyday. How an overall glance at a particular scene may look chaotic, but if I could just pick one area and one detail I could capture and tell the story of that scene much clearer. It’s not about faking it, it’s just about picking what’s most important. Many years later I found myself studying both Photography and Psychology at the University of Missouri. I could not decide between creating and helping, so I walked away with a degree in Fine Arts Photography and a minor in Psychology. 

It’s when I realized that I could change how people feel when looking at an image, that you could make them buy with certain text, how I could represent an entire brand in a tiny square image. My training in Psychology continues to help shape the outcome of images for my clients. It’s these tiny details that I quickly notice on your website, social media feeds and marketing that I know with adjustments can be working so much better for you. Isn’t that what we all want - a business that works for us?

So if your business has a website, is active on social media or connects with clients in any way you are ready for branded photography. I’m there to help bridge that connection between what you do and how you can show it in a way that’s in line with your brand. I help sift out all the noise and chaos and dig through to find the details that matter. 

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