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How to Use Brand Photography to Give Your Business an Instant Facelift

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “Show me what you do, don’t just tell me.” The foundation of this saying has never been truer when talking about business. It’s the feeling that you can’t quite put your finger on, but you know it when you see it (or rather feel it). It’s the thing that ties everything together about your business - your digital welcome mat, your website copy, your online presence and everything you offer. When you are able to show your clients and customers what you do and not just tell them you are able to bridge that gap of knowing that you can and believing it. 

Learn how storytelling your business converts to clients that trust you and believe in what you can do. Use branded photography to give your brand an instant facelift! | Think Creative Collective

The key that makes this happen? Branded photography. I’m not only talking about gorgeous top-notch shots of the things you sell, but also all the little details (including you!) that make your brand your brand. When you are able to showcase and tell the story that is your brand you begin to speak with your clients on a whole new level. They begin to see your process, your behind-the-scenes, the things that coordinate with what you sell, and so much more. Seeing that 65% of the population are visual learners we can begin to look at how we’re communicating with our clients and customers and tweak it.

Luckily, when hiring a professional photographer, being a storyteller is second nature to us. Armed with a camera since I was just nine years old I’ve been finding the details that represent the whole picture for a long time. There’s this thing I like to do when I go into someone’s house...I walk around taking in “all the things”. I try to find the one corner, the one wall, the one area that I feel represents them fully. It’s the thing I remember them by and that pops up when I think of them. This is exactly what you want your clients and customers to go through when they browse your website, newsletter, social media or marketing materials. You want them to “feel you” everywhere you are. 

When I start the process of styling and branding for my clients it always starts in the same place. I have you first fill out a Brand + Customer Psychology worksheet. Together will figure out not only what makes your heart sing, but what can make your client know, like and trust you. We want your client to think “Wow, she’s so in my head!” whenever they see or hear from you, we want them to feel like you’re speaking directly to them. By having your client at the forefront of your business representation you will connect with them more and on a deeper level leading you to big things. 

Once we work out all the details of how to visually represent you to the world I get to work. I’ll use a mix of knick knacks that I own, treasures from you and some brand new items to make everything come together. I take everything back to my home studio where I’ve got my sunlight trained. Once I’ve got all your branded images ready I’ll even walk you through the various ways I recommend you use them so you’re not stuck in overwhelm. 

I’m so excited to work with new brands, see all your amazing goodies and tell new stories. This is my jam. If you feel like there’s a piece of you missing from your brand then it’s time we create some branded photography for you. Let’s reach new clients, showcase your talents and processes and knock out big goals. 

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