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You're Building The Wrong Business (And It's Making You Broke)

Many service based business owners look in the mirror and feel like they’re not enough.

You know what I’m talking about…

It feels like you’re still playing “pretend business” and you’re wondering if you’re even smart enough to figure this all out like it seems like everyone else has.

This convinces you that the only way to get clients is to do what works for everyone else - posting 3x a day on Instagram, blogging “value add” content, showing up in Facebook groups where you *think* your client might be and so on…

You’re listening to countless other business owners tell you that doing all that ^ is what’s going to work for why isn’t it?

Here’s the truth: it’s not you. It is the strategies you’re using. They aren’t right for YOUR business.

And when you rely on strategies that weren’t built for your business, you are tricked into thinking that you are inadequate.

You start using these tactics as your guiding light; judging yourself on how well you’re implementing them or getting results from them...even when they aren’t working for you.

Here’s the truth: it’s not you. It is the strategies you’re using. They aren’t right for YOUR business.  |  Boss Project

The Big Mistake: You’re Missing The Real Problem

The reason you and SO many talented service-providers fall into this try-all-the-tactics trap, is that you need clients.


Every new tactic that pops up in front of you seems like something that could work to get that next client in the door, to get you paid, to make it so you can actually make your business work.

So the REAL problem at the foundation of everything is this: You don’t have a predictable and proven way to get clients.

And when you’re constantly concerned about where your next client is going to come from, it’s nearly impossible to grow your business with abundance.

Scarcity takes over…

...and that’s when you make the crucial, but oh-so-common mistake: you continue to add on layers and layers of “shiny objects” to your business (think about when you’ve added on a digital product, started talking to a larger audience, decided you suddenly need to start a membership…). These decisions cost you money and are absolutely putting the potential of your business at risk.

Your drive is there, but your clarity is missing.

Your focus is in the wrong place.

You’re trying to make tactics work, rather than just going back to the foundation and simplifying: first get clients, get booked out, THEN work on growth from there.

You just need a system that focuses on getting that foundation strong.

One that’s actually designed for how your service based business operates.

Without it, you will continue to feel like you aren’t cut out for this.

We were there and we were sick of it.

That’s when we clearly saw that to create a sustainable service we had to focus on getting consistent clients. Period.

No more chasing down “everyone else is doing this” tactics. No more distractions that look good from the outside but don’t fill up a client roster.

Because there are countless service based business who are just getting started or are trying to get more clients that fall victim to this lack of focus. Let me show you.

Lesson 1 - The Tale of the Two Businesses

Especially when it comes to the creative service based industry many business owners come online (hello, you’re here) to learn how they should go about growing their business.

You’re promised “freedom”. And endless clients. And the ability to “make six figures without ever leaving your house”.

You’re inundated with strategies to help you… grow online.

“Get 10,000 blog readers in 30 days!”

“Get your first 1k Instagram followers!”

“Design your opt-in to get your next 100 subscribers!”

The problem is, those strategies aren’t designed for your business. They were designed for businesses that don’t have a 1:1 client model. Ones that NEED high numbers of blog readers, Instagram followers, and subscribers. Think about online education companies, like ours.

Remember, we don’t have 1:1 clients.

So our tactic to fill our courses and podcast listenership is going to look SO different from how we’re showing you to book out your service-based business.

But that distinction is SO easy to forget in today’s shiny online world!

So here’s what happens: You spend your nights and weekends totally crushing it learning strategies for a business you’re not running.

And so weeks and months and *gasp* years go by and when you’re still struggling to build your client base. You’re left wondering what’s wrong with you.

Because you did everything right. Truly.

You were simply deploying the wrong strategies for your business.

Those strategies, in and of themselves, aren’t wrong. We love them.

But they’re Long Term Strategies. With a capital L.

And you’re expecting them (heck, needing them) to work right now.

If you continue down the path of learning these sexy and fun strategies you will probably get some clients. I can’t say that you won’t.

However, what I can say is that it will feel like you’re constantly hustling for that next client. That you’re always having to refine who you’re talking to, how you’re getting content out, and who you’re getting in front of. It’ll be extremely difficult to track exactly what’s working (aka landing you clients).

You will feel like you have your mind in 17 different places. Your brain will never shut off.

You’ll begin to lack confidence that what you offer is any good and that maybe you aren’t cut out for this.

Are you beginning to feel any of that coming?

Compare all that ick to the small business owner that no longer thinks about where her next client is coming from (or if they’re the right fit, or if they’ll pay). When that business owner goes about her work she’s literally freed up an entire part of her brain that no longer has to worry about where the next paycheck is coming from.

She gets to think about fun things like…

“What can I add to this experience to make my client happier?”

“What can I improve in my process to speed up the project?”

“What do I want to watch on Netflix tonight?”

When that brain space is freed up you get to work on your business instead of just in it. And that’s the secret sauce, my friend.

The advantages of ignoring online (for a while) and focusing on perfecting your client acquisition process first is crucial for the success and sustainability of your entire business. But how do you do that when you don’t have any more time in your day?

Lesson 2 - Identify Your Tasks

Right now it’s pretty much a guarantee that you’ve monopolized your time with tasks that aren’t actually revenue generating. You’ve convinced yourself that they’re worth it for the growth of your business, but your business needs money to grow, not an audience.

Before we can teach you strategies to land clients quickly you’ve got to clear up your schedule first. Here’s what I want you to do…

I want you to look back at your last week or so of work and right down the tasks you did. For every single day. If you’re memory won’t go that far back (#guilty) then just start today. From the time you stepped into your office to the time you stopped work, what were you doing?

Once you have all of those items listed I want you to run them through an evaluation filter. Ask yourself these three questions: (Put a check mark next to each task for every time you answer “yes”.)

  1. “Do I enjoy this task?”

  2. “Am I efficient at this task?”

  3. “Is this task effective in landing me (or keeping my) clients?” i.e. there is a direct return (yes, $$) OR it is required/vital/necessary to keep your business running

quote_evaluation triangle.jpg

Now we’re going to categorize these tasks so you know what to do with them.


For everything that got 2 check marks or more I want you to make a decision:

You either need to:

  1. Do

  2. Decide

  3. Delegate

There are some things that you won’t be able to delegate (just yet), but I bet there’s more than you think.

BTW: When we talk about delegating here we’re not always talking about hiring it out to a VA or a contractor. There are plenty of systems and tools you can utilize to take something off your plate (like invoicing, email reminders, project management tools, etc).

quote_eisenhower chart.jpg


For any tasks that only got one checkmark you need to make a decision:

  1. Do

  2. Decide

  3. Delegate

  4. Delete

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that the majority of those tasks just need to be deleted. Without pause.

However, there are going to be some that your business might still need to have done to function (like bookkeeping). That’s one that you can easily delegate to a person or a software or just work on getting more efficient at.

Spend some time really evaluating each individual task. Repeat this process for every task you run into in an average week.

By the end of this exercise I want you to have taken tasks off of your plate so you can create time to focus.

This exercise will be tough. You’ll need to be able to defend everything that’s on your plate, especially if you just “enjoy it”. Trust me, I get it.

You might even trick yourself into thinking all those tasks are effective in landing you clients. When that happens, you need to find the receipts. I want you to trace back where your last few inquiries and clients came from. If they DM’d you on Instagram, how did they originally find you? If they filled out the form on your website, how did they originally find you?

Take it back to the source so you can begin to work with true data instead of what you think is happening. This is where the magic and ease happens.

You are going to be shocked at how FEW activities you actually need to be doing to actually get clients.

When you have this new focus and you are spending your time on fewer things the more effective you become.

What Life Looks Like Now

Once you’ve gone through this process, you should have a good idea of exactly what’s working to get clients and you can seriously focus on those areas.

A word of warning: it's going to seem too easy. In a word that’s telling you to do all. the. things. to market your business online, I want you to resist the temptation to keep adding tactics back in. Remember, the goal is to create a process personalized to YOUR business so YOU can rock it.

And to FOCUS on what will actually get you clients and get you paid.

We’d love to have you share what you’re deleting off your plate. We want to cheer you on as you work through this exercise and begin to shift your mindset on how you get clients.

We’re happy to welcome you to our exclusive Facebook community, The Booked Out Creative. You can apply to join by hitting the button below.

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4 Steps to Developing Your Signature Service and Say Goodbye to Competition

Starting your business generates a lot of emotions, right? One day you’re so excited and stay up until 3.00 a.m. working, and the next day you’re super nervous and wonder, “Will this even work?”

I’ve got a secret to tell you to help wipe away some of those nerves: you got this.

How can I be so sure? For starters, you’re not going to have any competition.

Creating a signature service (or offering) is the best way to eliminate competition, stand out in your niche, and do exactly what you love for exactly who you love to work for. It’s like your secret ticket to happy town where you’re the mayor making all the decisions.

Starting your business generates a lot of emotions, right? One day you’re so excited and stay up until 3.00 a.m. working, and the next day you’re super nervous and wonder, “Will this even work?” I’ve got a secret to tell you to help wipe away some of those nerves: you got this. How can I be so sure? For starters, you’re not going to have any competition. Creating a signature service (or offering) is the best way to eliminate competition, stand out in your niche, and do exactly what you love for exactly who you love to work for. It’s like your secret ticket to happy town where you’re the mayor making all the decisions. | Think Creative Collective

You know how there are approximately 6,000 articles about funnels? This idea has a funnel too, but it’s much simpler to understand. It’s not a sales funnel, it’s a become-a-unicorn-funnel.

Today I’m going to show you how to take your idea and turn it into a unique offering that sets you apart from anyone else and lets you do the work you love.


We’re going to start here. This funnel is pointing downwards, so the top is actually the largest section. This segment is where you would list everything you’re interested in somehow monetizing. This list is probably based on your skills, interests, past experiences, or other expertise.

I’m basing this on the assumption that you have a general idea of what you are going to be doing (an industry at least) and an idea of a person you want to work with.

In this part of the exercise, do your best to get specific. My list would say things like, “graphic design” but also get into more details: business card design, color theory, font pairings, brand strategy, social media growth, content strategy, branding education, target audiences, etc. If you are a virtual assistant, your top segment might list things like social media management, formatting blog posts, email inbox management, and so on.

There are two rules for this section:

  1. Don’t limit yourself. Swipe left on thoughts like, “But I can’t do that” or “I’m not really good at that.” Just let loose, daydream about awesome paths you could create, and write them all down.
  2. Throw away what you think you are going to do before getting started. I don’t mean that literally, like, still list it – but don’t ONLY list it. My list would not just contain ‘branding design’ and yours shouldn’t ONLY list where you think you’re going to end up.

You might be wondering why number 2 is a rule? If you know what you want to do, you know what you want to do, right? Sure. But that’s not the point of this exercise. The point, here, is to explore just how broad your skill base is and eventually we’ll narrow it down in a unique way.


Moving into part two of our become-a-unicorn funnel brings us to what will benefit your target client. So in the top are all these things you could offer, but now we are going to start narrowing down to what you should offer.

This is a little bit harder, right? There are probably at least ten things in that top section and I bet you are thinking that you want to offer them all.

Let’s stop right there – you don’t.

We want to get you down to one signature, wham-bam-boom, knock their socks off offering. So it’s time to get eliminating! The best way to do that is to start “cutting off the fat” – the things that maybe you know how to do, but isn’t your happy place or your zone of genius. In my case that means cutting off social media growth and strategy, for example. I can do it, I do it in my own business, but it’s not really my passion and my target audience isn’t going to benefit from me teaching that (because I’m honestly not the best teacher of that). I might blog about my plans for those things, but I’m not going to charge for it!

Here’s what you need to think about during this step: what are you REALLY excited about (even if you don’t see a way to monetize it yet) and what are you ACTUALLY good at – good enough to help someone else with it.

Another way to start trimming the fat is to consider expressed problems and pain points you’ve heard your target client experience and consider what you can actually help them with in an easy and repeatable way. So my audience expresses a pain point in figuring out their “why” for their business and I know I can help solve that issue. But they also express struggle with email marketing – now I know a bit, but am I the best? Probably not. Am I excited about it? Eh. Cut that off.

What should start to formulate is a series of items that seem to be somewhat of a cohesive group based on your interests and the needs of your audience. If you’re a copywriter you’ve maybe cut off things like eBook writing and social media content writing, but you’ve kept things like sales page copy and sales funnel copy. You might notice that 1 to 3 paths start to emerge, which is perfect.


At this point we’ve got a few paths developing. Now we’re going to trim down even further by thinking through your unique view or perspective.

People generally fall into two categories here: either you think you are SO UNIQUE and a majestic snowflake (category 1) or you think you are SO NOT UNIQUE and really boring (category 2).

This isn’t an article about infusing your story into your brand (though yes, that’s awesome), this is about infusing your offering with your unique stamp.

So quirky and unique or not, somewhere along the line you mastered a skill that you’re now turning into an offering, right? Think back through that experience – remember the highs and lows and ups and downs and all of that. Your experience there is different to anyone else who is offering something similar and we can pull from that to make your offering unique.

In the segment above this you’ve narrowed down to 1 to 3 paths. Those paths are directions your offering might go (maybe for me it would be branding design, stationery design, or presentation design). I want you to list out or think through specific pieces of information that you consider to be ground-breaking and that you’d want to teach to someone else.

For me, this is where the huge arrow started pointing to branding design. I couldn’t think of anything that felt like my own idea when it came to stationary or presentation, but with branding I knew that I had a conversation ready that would cover things like your target audience and brand vision… things that some people talked about, sure, but something that I had created my own perspective on over the years of learning and practicing.

Now I know, this is NOT easy. It takes time to think through these things and consider everything past clients might have said to you, or past bosses or teachers, etc. You’ve got to mentally review your whole education and practice up until this point that’s set you up to be able to actually do the things you want to do. I don’t expect this to come overnight, and to be honest it takes time to actually perfect your signature offering.

But within this step, one path should start to shine a little brighter than the others and this is what will become your signature offering.


We made it! We squeezed and condensed and laid-on-the-bed-and-sucked-it-in (am I the only one who puts on jeans this way? No? Hello?) and we’ve found the golden ticket! Almost!

Wait, almost?

Well yeah. Now you’ve got to actually package the package. Like, give it a name and a timeline and set the expectations and whatnot.

Within those first two portions of the funnel you should’ve narrowed it down to basically what will be included with the package. Maybe it’s going to be branding design: logos, color palettes, and typography suggestions. Maybe it’s copywriting: sales page copy and sales funnel strategy. Whatever it is, just list it out so you can see what you are including in your signature offering.

Tip: if something seems a little weird and out of place (like if I was doing branding and then suddenly something like inbox management popped up) go ahead and do some final tweaking so that your package makes sense.

Once it’s all out there, go through your actual process for each item and generate a timeline and price point. Remember to price based on what you are actually delivering and solving for the client, not just how many hours it will take you.

Last, develop some awesome name that really hits it home and stands out. Get creative. It doesn’t have to be “I will edit your eBooks package” it can have a catchy name, because this is your SIGNATURE offering. It’s taking on a life of it’s own. It’s going to have a “TM” next to it one day, friend!

Once all of that is done – then you can start advertising it and running your business. But make sure in whatever you do with this signature package that people know why it’s special, why working through your process is special, and why their business will benefit from your abilities (and why there is absolutely no competition).

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From One to Many: How we transitioned from Services to Digital Products

I think every entrepreneur who starts a business dreams of the day they can sit on the beach and watch the dollar bills roll in. “Passive income” at its finest right? Well folks, that day on the beach is possible, but with no shortage of systems, and some good old fashioned elbow grease.

First of all, let me tell you whoever dubbed all digital products that could be sold to the masses “passive” should get a glitter bomb to the face. They sound magical. Like unicorns of the online business world. However they are work, a lot of freaking work.

I think every entrepreneur who starts a business dreams of the day they can sit on the beach and watch the dollar bills roll in. “Passive income” at its finest right? Well folks, that day on the beach is possible, but with no shortage of systems, and some good old fashioned elbow grease. First of all, let me tell you whoever dubbed all digital products that could be sold to the masses “passive” should get a glitter bomb to the face. They sound magical. Like unicorns of the online business world. However they are work, a lot of freaking work. | Think Creative Collective

When Emylee and I first discussed saying no to clients in exchange for this passive income lifestyle I had NO CLUE what we were getting ourselves into.

Our days that were once filled with client meetings, print deadlines, and all day photo sessions became outlining, and writing and recording marathons. If we wanted this life to actually be possible we had to stop doubting, forget wishy-washy and commit to making it work.

In January of 2016 we made more money than we ever had. EVER! Watching 20k roll into your bank account is no small feat especially after being in business only four and a half months. But instead of champagne and confetti we traded tears and heartfelt conversations. Running a business 100% dependent on clients meant we still had bosses who weren’t us. It meant our time was tied directly to how much profit we could earn. We were worn out, burnt out, and damn near ready to throw in the towel. Something had to give.

Saying No to Paying Clients

The first time we said no to a paying client I nearly wanted to vomit. All my years of education, two lay offs, and selling Plasma to pay rent meant saying NO to money was something I just didn’t do. Why on God’s green earth would you say NO to someone who was willing to write you a check?!

But saying no meant we had time. Time we would otherwise be spending on those exact same clients. Time to set up systems. Time to create courses. Time to think and plan and strategize. For the first time in nearly a year I had time to breathe, eat, sleep and think.

I knew it was what was best for us in the long run, but it definitely took my fair share of pep talks from Emylee to be convinced.

Missing Roadmap

I’d love to sit here and tell you just how well laid this plan was, that we had it all figured out, that we knew when we’d break even and when we would make money, but we didn’t. This was uncharted territory. This was completely replacing the single largest part of our income stream. Sure, we had other forms of income in place. We’d been making affiliate commissions for awhile, but these were chump change in comparison to what we needed to provide for two families.

What we did know was what worked and what didn’t.

  • Every single time we had a webinar, we made money. So we had more webinars.

  • Every single time we reminded someone to buy, whether through email or social media, we made more money. So we created more content.

  • Every single time we launched, we made money. So we launched WAY more often.

So here is what I am NOT suggesting.

  • Follow our path and expect the same results.

  • Put all your eggs in one basket.

  • Completely change your whole business strategy overnight.

  • Completely change every system you have currently setup in your business.

We made a lot of mistakes along the way. Probably why we made damn near zero dollars in March and then went on to double our sales from June to July.

Make a Plan & Stay Flexible

All well laid plans fail. You have to make a plan, and then stay flexible. We highly suggest you map out your year. Set some reachable goals and set some that will stretch you in many ways. Write them down and tell the world what you want.

But the only way those goals become attainable is by chipping away at them day after day. Our plans were a giant #hotmess of sticky notes and fancy gold notebooks until we discovered how to use Trello. And then we were able to make a roadmap, a process, a system to get these things accomplished and it worked.

We were able to go from crying blubbering messes to $103k in eight short months. We were able to say no to clients. We were able to sit on the beach and hear our phone cha-ching from passive sales. We were able to make money every single day because we put in the work and are now reaping the rewards.

We didn’t expect overnight success. We invested slowly in systems that helped our business grow - but only after it made sense. We kept our overhead as low as possible, so even if we didn’t sell a lot, we would always at least break even.

Where to Start

Before you throw in the towel on what’s working we encourage you to explore other options. What product can you add to your existing lineup that wouldn’t be a complete shocker to your current audience.

Then develop the idea. Plan a launch and generate some buzz. Here are 24 ridiculously useful tips to get your started.

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How to Use Brand Photography to Give Your Business an Instant Facelift

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “Show me what you do, don’t just tell me.” The foundation of this saying has never been truer when talking about business. It’s the feeling that you can’t quite put your finger on, but you know it when you see it (or rather feel it). It’s the thing that ties everything together about your business - your digital welcome mat, your website copy, your online presence and everything you offer. When you are able to show your clients and customers what you do and not just tell them you are able to bridge that gap of knowing that you can and believing it. 

Learn how storytelling your business converts to clients that trust you and believe in what you can do. Use branded photography to give your brand an instant facelift! | Think Creative Collective

The key that makes this happen? Branded photography. I’m not only talking about gorgeous top-notch shots of the things you sell, but also all the little details (including you!) that make your brand your brand. When you are able to showcase and tell the story that is your brand you begin to speak with your clients on a whole new level. They begin to see your process, your behind-the-scenes, the things that coordinate with what you sell, and so much more. Seeing that 65% of the population are visual learners we can begin to look at how we’re communicating with our clients and customers and tweak it.

Luckily, when hiring a professional photographer, being a storyteller is second nature to us. Armed with a camera since I was just nine years old I’ve been finding the details that represent the whole picture for a long time. There’s this thing I like to do when I go into someone’s house...I walk around taking in “all the things”. I try to find the one corner, the one wall, the one area that I feel represents them fully. It’s the thing I remember them by and that pops up when I think of them. This is exactly what you want your clients and customers to go through when they browse your website, newsletter, social media or marketing materials. You want them to “feel you” everywhere you are. 

When I start the process of styling and branding for my clients it always starts in the same place. I have you first fill out a Brand + Customer Psychology worksheet. Together will figure out not only what makes your heart sing, but what can make your client know, like and trust you. We want your client to think “Wow, she’s so in my head!” whenever they see or hear from you, we want them to feel like you’re speaking directly to them. By having your client at the forefront of your business representation you will connect with them more and on a deeper level leading you to big things. 

Once we work out all the details of how to visually represent you to the world I get to work. I’ll use a mix of knick knacks that I own, treasures from you and some brand new items to make everything come together. I take everything back to my home studio where I’ve got my sunlight trained. Once I’ve got all your branded images ready I’ll even walk you through the various ways I recommend you use them so you’re not stuck in overwhelm. 

I’m so excited to work with new brands, see all your amazing goodies and tell new stories. This is my jam. If you feel like there’s a piece of you missing from your brand then it’s time we create some branded photography for you. Let’s reach new clients, showcase your talents and processes and knock out big goals. 

Take a look at our Branded Photography services!

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The One-Stop Brand & Marketing Shop

We’ve been throwing this term around lately, that we’re a one-stop marketing and branding shop. But what does that mean and more importantly what does that mean for you? Combining our expertise into what is now Think Creative Collective was of the utmost importance to us. We continue to be amazed at how similar our goals and passions are for teaching, giving and creating. It’s so amazing to have a teammate and partner in this usually lonely field of being an entrepreneur! We knew that by combining our expertise into one hub we would be able to offer small businesses, creatives, hustlers and bosses a complete package deal to get their brand moving. 

See why offering a one-stop marketing and branding shop is the thing your business needs. Check off your business building checklist with our services! | Think Creative Collective

Here at Think Creative Collective, you can check so many things off your biz building checklist. Not just for the sake of checking items off, but checking them off with purpose and intention. You can find things that serve as building blocks for growing your business like our Social Media Strategy Kickstart or Social Media Styled Package. A custom Blog Content Calendar, Pinterest Makeover and Blog Ghost Writing can save you and your business precious time. You’ll also find the things to start your business fresh or offer a fabulous face-lift like our Brand and Website Design, Product Photography, 1:1 Strategy Sessions and Lifestyle Marketing Sessions. It’s these things that are game changers for your business and a unique combination for you to find in one place. 

It’s truly unique for you to find all these services under one roof. Rarely do you find one person who excels at so many things, but by coming together we are capable of so much more. At Think Creative Collective you have a team of talented creatives working together just for you. Abagail offering top-notch design and strategy services and Emylee offering tailored brand photography and lifestyle marketing images. 

What Abagail Brings to Think Creative Collective

As a child I used to beg my mom to go with her to the grocery store. Sure I might have the opportunity to sneak a package of Oreo's into the basket, but I went because I was mesmerized by the packaging. Up and down every isle I would be drawn in by the beautiful photography, use of typography and suggestive advertising. I noticed every time Quaker rebranded their cereal boxes and I dreamt of the day I could influence someone's purchasing decisions just by how something looked.

Did you know that often the only difference between the "store" brand and the "name" brand is the box it is in? Often these products are made by the same manufacturers and they charge you $1 more just because their is gold foil on the box.

Every day you make thousands of decisions, often without even realizing their is a decision to be made. You are influenced by TV, Radio and more and more by what you see online. I fell in love with the tiny nuances that made one Brand stand out over another. I understand the power that an online presence can have on a business and how simply improving the aesthetic can instantly persuade! 

Ultimately I want you to have a brand and website you are proud of, but I want it to represent you inside and out. I want every graphic to appeal to your ideal client and I want ever word to align with their pain points, offering practical solutions for their life. I want you to shine above the rest whether you have a team of 1 or a team of 500. Just because you operate your business out of your home doesn't mean you can't look like a multi-million dollar business online, one that remains personable, humble and focused on customer satisfaction. Whether you are just starting out or have been in the game for awhile, I am ready to help you take your business to the next level and offer a complete branding and website design support to get you there!

What Emylee Brings to Think Creative Collective

When I was first given a camera at age nine I snapped a shot of everything, everywhere. I quickly found my love in the details of the everyday. How an overall glance at a particular scene may look chaotic, but if I could just pick one area and one detail I could capture and tell the story of that scene much clearer. It’s not about faking it, it’s just about picking what’s most important. Many years later I found myself studying both Photography and Psychology at the University of Missouri. I could not decide between creating and helping, so I walked away with a degree in Fine Arts Photography and a minor in Psychology. 

It’s when I realized that I could change how people feel when looking at an image, that you could make them buy with certain text, how I could represent an entire brand in a tiny square image. My training in Psychology continues to help shape the outcome of images for my clients. It’s these tiny details that I quickly notice on your website, social media feeds and marketing that I know with adjustments can be working so much better for you. Isn’t that what we all want - a business that works for us?

So if your business has a website, is active on social media or connects with clients in any way you are ready for branded photography. I’m there to help bridge that connection between what you do and how you can show it in a way that’s in line with your brand. I help sift out all the noise and chaos and dig through to find the details that matter. 

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