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How to Magnetically Attract Clients You Love (without the Use of Social Media)

Many small businesses are basically “doomed” from the start.

Although done unknowingly, many entrepreneurs design their business in a way that keeps them stuck in the Merry-Go-Round trap.

They’ve designed their business in a circle. Doing the same things over and over again. Answering the same questions. Dealing with the same problems. And they aren’t growing.

I bet you know the feeling: you’re working and working and working, but you just aren’t seeing any progress. And where the heck are all those clients you desperately want to be working with?

You are doing what all the people are telling you to do.

And yet nothing seems to be moving the needle when it comes to bringing in those clients.

You’re so close to the situation you don’t even realize you are spinning in circles. You’re too dizzy to see your potential clients are hiding in plain sight.

The Science

Small business owners aren’t the only ones who do this, guys.

A group of scientists in Germany studied this phenomenon. They sent two groups of hikers, one set into a flat forest and the other into the Sahara desert. When the hikers had no landmarks to go by and the sun or moon was blocked from sight the volunteers repeatedly went in circles, sometimes as often as every 10 minutes.

When your business lacks direction (a step-by-step plan) and you don’t know what work to do or how it’s moving you forward you are just going to keep spinning in circles and keep your business stuck.

And this is where I’ve seen so many talented business owners quit before they see real success: The work they are doing is time intensive and the money seems few and far between.

Who wouldn’t want to quit when work feels like that all the time?

Would you rather work crazy hard, do the same thing over and over again and see no results? Or go forward with clear direction and attract people to you like flies at a summer picnic (gross, but you get the picture).

At the root of it your business needs money to grow. And you need clients to get that money.

… and without an automated, predictable way to generate new business, you will never get off the Merry-Go-Round.

It’s time to get unstuck.

Before we can get those clients, we need more leads. And the more pre-qualified they are (as in, ideal to work with you and are ready to pay), the faster this process will go.

When I started my business I didn’t have time to wait on long term strategies to show results. Three months after changing jobs and working with an up and coming startup - they laid off the ENTIRE marketing department at once.

I had 30 days to find new employment before I was officially laid off - without severance mind you.

The money wasn’t optional. My income until now was what my family relied on. My husband had barely started a new job himself after being out of work for over a year.

I had to make something work. Sound familiar?  

And in under 30 days I used this equation to complete replace my cushy corporate salary. I had an endless supply of pre-qualified leads. And had more work than I knew what to do with.

And none of that success was dependent on endless hours of posting online, growing an email list, or using social media. None of that!

I want to introduce a game-changing methodology, that’s so simple you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it yourself.

… it’s what jump started my results. And what I’ve gone on to teach thousands of others to do in their own business.
It’s a powerful combination - when used in the right way will accelerate your growth and get you off that dreaded Merry-Go-Round that’s keeping you stuck.

The basics come down to Key Results + Personal Connections = Infinite Opportunity

Or for short - the K.P.I. Equation.

You are doing what all the people are telling you to do.  And yet nothing seems to be moving the needle when it comes to bringing in those clients.  |  Boss Project

The K.P.I. Equation

The K.P.I. Equation is not a new approach to marketing. In fact it’s pretty old school, but that’s what makes it so effective.

It works with every generation, regardless of changes in technology or even the service you are offering.

The basics of it make it very clear what you do, who and how you can help and get you in front of an infinite number of new leads…

… without spending a minute online.

This approach is not manipulative, or scarcity-driven marketing.

The K.P.I. Equation allows you more time to focus on what you do best and puts your marketing on autopilot. It will attract the right people to you and keep you focused rather than distracted with the day to day.

Forget feeling salesy or fake. There is no convincing anyone of anything. You simply serve, and help people in the way you always intended.

And the sales flow naturally. And all the people said AMEN!

I’m going to walk you through exactly how this works…

Stay with me… this is going to blow your mind.

What is the K.P.I. Equation

The K.P.I. Equation is Key Results + Personal Connections = Infinite Opportunity

This methodology will kickstart your marketing and will get you an endless supply of pre-qualified leads. Let’s break it down.


In order to effectively attract the right people you have to get really clear on what it is that you offer. No, I don’t mean the difference between logo design and a website - I mean the results that you get for clients.

Let’s do a quick exercise to get you thinking about what these might be.

Answer these questions as honestly and as specifically as you can.

  1. Who is your ideal client?

  2. What is the most incredible result you could ever deliver?

Now, herein lies the issue. You probably spent way too long describing demographics about your ideal client - how old they are, what they do for a living, how much money they make.

What if instead you focused on their mentality:

  • What is their personality like?

  • What are their roadblocks?

  • Where do they feel pain?

  • What sort of solution are they searching for?

And that result, I bet it is way too vague or too unrealistic in their eyes. Instead of “they had clearer messaging” - what if the result could be “open rates increased 20% and click through rates doubled.” Now that’s a copywriter I would hire.

People market the end result and forget that most clients can’t even imagine themselves there. What is a reality your ideal client can imagine, that you can create?

Now, I should warn you - results may vary. I, by no means, want you to craft this “optimal” result that you go onto use as some scheme to get new clients. In every given situation and with every client, I want you to focus on the results you can provide.

While it’s awesome to have a focus, every client is a little different. And that may mean listening to what your people need and want and crafting a solution for them as you go.


Now that you understand the key results you can provide, you need new leads you can offer these results. But, before you run off to post on social media I want you to try this method first.

By now you know you can’t rely on strategies that weren’t built for your business. Your focus has been off and you’ve been looking in all the wrong places. You’ve been too busy implementing all sorts of tactics that are just keeping you stuck. And maybe feeling a tad bit inadequate.

You are forgetting the people that are right in front of you. Your inner circle is made up of a very powerful group of people. They may just be regular people, but they have an incredible tool you are overlooking. They know people you don’t.

When I sat my family down to tell them about the business I wanted to run, I expected nothing from them, other than maybe a hug and some support. But what I got was an endless stream of the perfect clients who were ready to pay me. Hear me out on this…

For this part of the equation - we are going to use the Mean Girls Method. Yes, I said it.

You remember this cinematic masterpiece, I know you do. In the movie there was a hard core clique - referred to as the Plastics. They stuck together like glue, and bitchy demeanor aside they were basically family. Now their secret to popularity wasn’t their charming good looks, it was there tenacity to stick together. They were stronger together.

You have a group of people in your life that are there for you no matter what. They love you fiercely and want you to succeed. They are your inner circle. Even if you don’t all wear pink on Wednesdays.

Your inner circle is made up of no more than 10 people. It’s the people you are in communication with daily - calls, texting, telepathy. It’s the people in your life you can be your truest self with. It may be your mom, sister, BFF, biz besties. How you are connected is honestly not important. Your belief in how connected they are to your potential customer, also not important.

Step 1: Who is in your inner circle? Remember: if you have to think about it more than 5-seconds they aren’t on the list.

Step 2: In the next 24 hours you are going to contact your inner circle and let them know you are ready to see growth in your business. Share with them the desires you have for the kind of clients you want to work with and the results you can deliver. Ask them for connections to both potential clients and those that might be connected to some.

When I used the Mean Girls Method one conversation with my mother-in-law created a chain reaction. The person she connected me with instantly trusted what I could offer. That warm intro popped up in lunch conversation with Kelly who basically was doing what I wanted to be doing and was overworked and ready for help.

Because Kelly was clear on what I could do and how I could help, she didn’t necessarily give me a job, but she gave me leads. And lots of them!

I was able to secure a relationship with Kelly in which I paid for qualified leads (only after they became my client). And she no longer felt so guilty about turning down paying work.

Sounds simple right? Don’t let that fool you: it’s highly effective.

This is EXACTLY how I was able to replace my cushy corporate salary.

I repeated the system again with my next ring of contacts and landed relationships that got me deals designing for Coca-Cola, 7-Eleven, Dominos, Massage Envy and more.


The magic isn’t in knowing what you do or even effectively talking to your inner circle. It’s what you do with the connections and introductions that can make or break this equation.

Because let’s be real, how many times has a warm introduction been made for you and you did nothing? It’s the one awkward handshake and you never speak again.

The secret to making this go from “yay! I have supportive parents” to “OMG I have more clients than I know what to do with” - is in making this a referral engine. One with a process. One that is easy to implement. And one that will give you an endless supply of new leads.

This shouldn’t be any referral engine, it needs to be the Double Whammy Referral Engine.

Engine #1 - Existing Business

Prospecting can be crazy time consuming: get new leads, waste a bunch of time in meetings, still have no clients. What if instead we cut out this phase all together and just acquired pre-qualified leads. Leads that were ready to start their project and pull out their pocket book.

You need to utilize your inner circle to find and connect with busy business owners and create one of two referral systems.

Option A: Qualified leads contact the busy business. They decide they don’t have time/bandwidth to take on the project. They offer you the project. In exchange you pay them a small finders fee when the client books and pays for the project. The busy business feels less guilty about saying no to paying clients and you build your client roster FAST. Win-win.

Option B: Qualified leads contact the busy business. The busy business takes on the project despite being out of time/bandwidth for the project. The client pays and interacts only with the busy business. You do the work and operate under the business umbrella for this particular job or set of jobs. You have the right to refuse work based on your schedule and remain the boss, while skipping the micromanaging of clients. You focus on doing what you love and get paid. The busy business is able to take on more work, without the liability of growing their team permanently and not always having that much work available. Win-win.

With either option you are becoming a trusted partner. And in both all parties are paid. Who doesn’t love this?!

Engine #2 - Current Clients

Once you have your own set of clients you can create Engine #2. This referral system is internal to your own business. It simply requires that you ask for and reward referrals.

I want you to think back on your most recent clients. Who was your most dreamy? Who paid on time, was easy to please, and raved about you?

Because here’s a top secret: a dreamy client knows more dreamy clients. If you want a flood of like minded clients that make your job super enjoyable you just have to go to the source.

Once you identify who this past client is I want you to check in with them. Literally just be a human and see how they’re doing. Let them know that you have availabilities opening up and you’d like to work with people they know. Chances are they’re more than willing to do this for you - they’re dreamy clients remember!

To sweeten the deal we’ve offered rewards for our clients that refer us to more dreamy clients. There are countless ways to set this up, but the key is to not overthink it. What do your past clients need more of from you that you can set up as a reward for their referral?

In the past, we’ve used everything from free business card designs to free mini session to a discount on their next order. Play around with a few ideas so see which one sticks!

When you combine the powers of knowing your key results, connecting with the right people in your circle, following up on leads to create a referral engine - the options become endless.

This puts your business in motion in a way you’ve only dreamt of growing.

More About the K.P.I. Equation

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