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Proven Ways to Grow Your List Overnight (BONUS: 101 Opt-in Headlines that Convert E-Book)

There comes a point where working longer and harder is not going to produce better results. You need to, instead, work smarter and create things that work for you instead of you working for them. Call me crazy, but I would much prefer to snuggle with my baby beagles than stay up all night every night.

But how do you do that exactly? How do you create more leads and produce the desired results without going overboard on the time spent? Well, newsflash, you still have to work for it, but only on the front end. 

When you run a successful business you are likely to put systems in place to handle things like project management, product inventory, accounting, etc. So why aren’t you putting a process in place to generate new leads for your business?

Yes of course social media and blogging count, but that is only a small piece of the puzzle. You need a sales funnel, which frankly is a whole other topic (which I happen to be covering next week). 

That funnel, leads readers and other potential leads down a path, closer to the “buy”. One of the biggest steps in any sales funnel is capturing the lead’s personal information. But, now how do you do that? You don’t just come up to some random person online and say “hey, what’s your name? and how can I reach you?” That would be CRAZY! You have to build “Know, Like and Trust” before anyone would be willing to share this with you. That can happen over extended periods of time, or if you introduce yourself just right, you might be pleased to find out people trust you much more quickly than you anticipated.

When I started blogging, I knew I needed a list but had no real incentive for anyone to join.  My emails also weren’t exactly that great in the beginning for generating leads. Most of the people who signed up were family and friends who wanted to keep tabs on me.  And they were not necessarily potential clients.

When I created my first opt-in, I doubled my list… you guessed it, overnight! I was totally hooked. But I knew I needed other creative ways to get people to interact with me.

I planned my first webinar and within days captured several hundred more interested prospects.

I upped the ante, combined my previous opt-ins into one MEGA Back Stage Library of crazy awesome resources for small business owners and bloggers. And wham, doubled my list again! 

But why bother? Why do I give away all this juicy goodness for free? Because I learned a big lesson, one I never really realized nor expected. Typically, on any given occasion when you push for leads to purchase, only 1 – 2% will buy. WHAT? That is such a crazy low number!! But after much extensive research, this is true. Occasionally you will have alternative results, but all those million dollar launches you hear about, the key to their success, GIANT LISTS! 

So I encourage you to really think about your opt-ins. What do people want? What will actually be of value to them? One page PDFs are no longer sufficient, people expect much more. 

To help you get some new ideas for relevant opt-ins for your business I have put together my first E-Book. And it is jam packed with ideas to get your wheels turning. Inside you will find 16 Killer Formulas that Convince and 101 Irresistible Headlines that Convert Your Readers to Leads! 

You get all of this for FREE! Dive in, let me know what you think and how it helps you grow your list!


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