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The Quick Start Guide to Launching Your Next Big Thing

For someone with an extensive marketing background, launching something, anything, may feel like a walk in the park. But for others, regardless of what it is you want to put out into the world, you become frozen. You have awesome ideas, and perhaps have even developed an amazing product, and yet you are still sitting on it, scared it won’t go well. 

Today we are debunking the process by hand holding you through your first or next launch and cause we super love you am throwing in a launch guide freebie that you can find more about at the end of the post.

For someone with an extensive marketing background, launching something, anything, may feel like a walk in the park. But for others, regardless of what it is you want to put out into the world, you become frozen. You have awesome ideas, and perhaps have even developed an amazing product, and yet you are still sitting on it, scared it won’t go well.   Today I am debunking the process by hand holding you through your first or next launch and cause I super love you am throwing in a launch guide freebie that you can find more about at the end of the post.  |  Think Creative Collective

Decide on Your BLANK

So I could have said product instead of “BLANK”, but I feel like that could be misleading. See launching isn’t just for things you put up for sale. Launching is the process you should go through for every part of your business that is public facing. Some launches may be miniature - like every time you write a new blog post. And others may last for months - like when your high-end product hits the virtual shelves. Either way, the steps are the same. The speed you execute and the amount of time you prep for the launch may be different.

Now that we’ve debunked that crazy nothing, let’s picture this together. What do you want to launch next? A social media channel, a new product in your shop, a blog post, a book, the best thing you’ve ever done ever? 

Got it in your head? Awesome. Hold onto that picture as you keep reading. 

Who’s It For?

Who needs what you got to offer? Who do you want to be singing your praises when this hits the airwaves? Who would die to have this waiting for them under the Christmas tree? Got them in your mind?

Perfect. Now for the rest of the launch, whether this is your normal audience or a subset super specific niche of your normal audience, every time you go to write, talk, yell, whatever, picture this person (or group of people). Talk to them like they're your BFF. Touch on their pain points. Show them why your s*** is the best thing ever.

No more excuses, you know who you need to chat it up with. 

Visualize Your Success

You need to leave doubt at the door, babe. You got this. No matter how scared, nervous, or vomit-worthy you may feel, you have got to leave it behind. Confidence sells. You have to walk in the room (literally or otherwise) like you just got your hair done, your makeup is one point and those shoes, man they make you look boss. 

You have to go into this launch knowing you are going to do awesomely. Set expectations. Write down your actual goals - sales, views, engagement, whatever.

What do you want as a result of this launch? Where do you want to be because of it? What other opportunities would you like to have because you put in the work?

If confidence isn’t your strong suit, then let’s practice. Walk away from your computer for a minute. Stand in front of mirror and stand like Superwoman with your eyes to the sky for 2 whole minutes - yes, I’m counting! Psychologists have done numerous studies around open postures - babe this works - still don’t believe me, read this

Generate EPIC Buzz

It’s time. You know what you are launching, who it’s for and you’ve seen the chocolate-covered donuts falling from the sky. It’s time to put this thing that you’ve worked so hard to create out into the world. 

The number #1 reason we see launches fail is because people don’t tell anyone else that they’re launching. 

If you are launching - anything - you need to tell someone about it at least 7 times before they remember. So no, you aren’t a broken record. No, you aren’t being annoying. No, you won’t lose all your people.

Everyday people are served hundreds if not thousands of ads (the jury is still out on exactly how many, but you can read about it here). This all just adds to the confusion, and the sea of messaging. People do not remember how many times you told them something. And they definitely don’t see EVERYTHING you put out there. Even your mom does not see everything you do online.

So stop worrying about it. Put yourself out there again and again.

And then ask for help! I cannot express enough the power of asking for cheerleaders. Tell people to spread the word. Email your friends and ask them to share. Ask people to tag their besties. This alone will do amazing things for you, but if you read more on the freebie below we got even more BUZZ ideas. 

Analyze Your Results - Tweak & Repeat

You just launched!! How awesome was that? Now before you hang up your coat and pour yourself a glass of wine, I want you to do a little reflecting. What part of your launch went off like sriracha sauce and what fell a little flat?

Can you pull up actual numbers? Can you analyze analytics? Did a certain part of your campaign work better than another part? Whatever your results may be, you need to reflect. 

See what needs tweaking and keep track of all the things worth repeating.

Ok, now, we both need a glass of wine. I’ll take a Moscato. Thanks, boss! 

Still need more help? We feel ya. We’ve put together a handy dandy launch checklist and it’s waiting right here for you. You’re going to figure out how to generate some hefty buzz so you can freaking launch baby!

We're happy to chat strategy over on instagram!

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24 Ridiculously Useful Tips Every Small Business Needs to Generate Buzz and Plan Your Next Launch

Whether your new website is about to be revealed, you’re about to open up 1:1 coaching slots or a brand new product is about to hit your (digital) shelves it’s important to generate a buzz around it and create a launch plan. We know it’s hard to know where to begin. So we have come up with 15 organic ways to generate buzz and 9 steps to build your launch plan. Take it one step at a time and you are bound to see results. It's just that easy.

Whether your new website is about to be revealed, you’re about to open up 1:1 coaching slots or a brand new product is about to hit your (digital) shelves it’s important to generate a buzz around it and create a launch plan. We know it’s hard to know where to begin. So we have come up with 15 organic ways to generate buzz and 9 steps to build your launch plan. Take it one step at a time and you are bound to see results. It's just that easy.  |  Think Creative Collective

15 Organic Ways to Generate Buzz

To get your mind swirling we're sharing 15 organic (meaning free!) ways to boost business awareness. Take these as a jumping off point and curate your own pathway to success.  

  1. Write an article about a person, business or event you endorse. Make it unexpected and make it meaningful. A story that showcases their story with your own twist will not only delight them, but could potentially lead to them sharing it on their own social media outlets or website… Free press! 
  2. Share your passion and purpose. Don’t be afraid to really be open about how or why you started your business. What makes you tick? What gets your creative juices flowing? That inside information is pretty juicy stuff.
  3. Showcase exclusivity. Limit your offering to a certain set of customers. This list should naturally align with your ideal clientele.
  4. Create a waiting list. Limit your bookings and schedule your services for advance dates. We personally think Lauren Hooker of Elle & Co. Design does it best. She chooses to work with 1 client exclusively at a time and commits to three solid weeks of undivided attention. This process has set her schedule and she is always booked well in advance.  
  5. Launch a new product or service. Build anticipation around your launch with sneak peaks the weeks leading up to the big day. Share small tidbits to your email list. Post photographs to your social media sites and begin a countdown so people can follow along. Once your big day rolls around people will be itching to know more and participate.
  6. Begin a limited time promotion or deal. It sounds hokey, but it works. Simply taking a percentage or dollar figure off will bring people coming. Make it free and you might turn on the fence customers into lifelong enthusiasts.
  7. Network with influencers. Every industry is different and will have their own set of influencers, but find the ones relevant to your niche. Watch what they do. See where they hang out. Find a way to meet them in person or introduce yourself online. Many times these people are just as flattered that you want to meet them as you are that they will listen. Ask for a little advice. Come up with a way to work on a project together. Collaboration over competition.
  8. Be transparent and share your secrets. Now you are wondering how does transparency create buzz? Well truth of the matter is, few people give the inside perspective to how their business works. Share with people the inside scoop. Be open and honest. This will lead to trust. People do business with people they trust.
  9. Support a charitable cause. Get involved in a volunteer organization or give back with your time, talent and treasure. Your involvement is not only great for the community, but it opens doors to you meeting a diverse group of people from all over your city.
  10. Write guest blog posts. Find opportunities to write for other blogs. Many times blogs with larger audiences will allow you to contribute. And if you are lucky will give you the opportunity to link back to your own website. 
  11. Host an event. Invite people to gather and ask them to bring a friend. Whether you host an open house, a launch party or even a webinar these sort of events allow you to get in front of a crowd of people who all support what you are doing. Use this audience to tap into their resources.
  12. Run a giveaway. Launch week is the perfect time to host a giveaway. But even established businesses can benefit from doing a giveaway. You can use a service like Rafflecopter to give people points for completing certain activities like following you on social media or signing up for your email list.
  13. Start a challenge. Dare people to be different. Ask people to document their experience in either photographs or words and share it with their social following. 
  14. Teach a class. Host a webinar, hop on Periscope or start a Twitter chat! Use these platforms to educate your audience about your offering and why you’re the expert.
  15. Showcase your best work. It’s ok to show people what you are really made of. In fact if you don’t remind them how talented you are from time to time they might even forget what you do or why it should matter to them. 

Now that you've generated buzz about your business it's probably time to actually launch something! By hyping up your launch it can mean a difference between a couple dollars and thousands. You’ve put your blood, sweat and tears into this! Let’s shout it from the rooftops. 

9 Steps to Plan Your Next Launch

You have seen it done time and time again, whether it was Lily Pulitzer coming to Target or the Simplified Planner releasing an app. You were part of a launch in process whether you realized it or not. Didn’t they get you excited? Were you in line at the crack of dawn? If so, they did their job right. Here are the 9 steps you can take to capture that same buzz and excitement for your own business and brand!

  1. Ask for advice. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice. You likely know someone who has been through this before and they often have the most valuable information. As of now, we’ve launched dozens of new products, websites and brands and each time was a little bit different. Before every launch we asked our trusted circle of peers how their own launches went. What do they wish they had done differently? What worked best for them? These brainstorming sessions are how we’ve been able to come up with unique and new ways to launch.
  2. Build your email list. Having a bank of people you can market to is crucial. Giving them a valuable incentive to sign up is the best way to continue this momentum. Whether you are starting from scratch during the pre-launch stage or you have an active list, you need to give them reason to join and a reason to stay. Think of ways you could add value for your clients or customers, perhaps through a discount or an educational white-paper.

    Pro tip: start collecting emails before you think you’re “ready”. You’ll figure out soon enough what to send them or how to communicate with them!
  3. Organize a giveaway. People love free stuff. And (almost) everyone loves the opportunity to win. By organizing a giveaway either prior to your launch or during your launch you can continue to gain additional followers on both social media, your email list and even generate additional web traffic from it.

    Pro tip: ask and you shall receive! Shops, business and brands are generally more than happy to send a free item to you for a giveaway. 
  4. Build a community of support. Don’t feel like you have to do everything alone. Utilize the people you asked advice from. Reach out to your favorite Facebook group and see if people would be willing to participate. It is totally appropriate to ask for ambassadors to post on their on social media, supply items for your giveaway and help get the buzz going. Make sure that you make it mutually beneficial for them as well. We are all about collaborating over competition. 
  5. Plan. Plan. Plan. Don’t feel like you have to rush. Plan a launch for weeks, if not months down the road. Plan out every detail so when the day finally arrives you feel prepared and are ready to just fire away. Spending time on details like what you are going to post on social media, what your emails will look like or say and what content you will add to your website is crucial. Don’t be shy to plan a whole day to focus just on photography. 
  6. Do a survey. This may seem totally lame, but you can learn a lot just by asking. Before your product or service rolls out ask for feedback so you can incorporate that input into the product. Or perhaps you did a soft launch and you are just looking to analyze what your current readers are like. Simply make a form inside Squarespace or using a tool like JotForm or Google Forms. 
  7. Gain anticipation. A week or so prior to your launch, start giving hints of what is coming. Whether that is inside information for your email subscribers, a countdown on social media or just minor bits of information on your blog. By building the anticipation in advance, when the day comes you will have a line up ready and waiting! 
  8. Do it. Sometimes we get so caught up in the details it is easy to keep pushing our dates back. Focus less on it being perfect and more on just doing it. You can always re-launch the same product or service at a later date. Many of the foundation principles we have described we learned from Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula. Although it seems so obvious, sometimes we just need someone to walk you through the process. 
  9. Celebrate! No launch is complete without a party. Whether that is just with the dog and a bottle of champagne, a hip party out on the town or an ONLINE party you need to make it special. 


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How to Know You're Ready to Launch Your Next Big Thing

Emylee here. It seems that at any given moment a creative can have two to one bajillion products “on hold” for launching. They sit in real or metaphorical corners waiting to pass go and be launched into the real world. We keep them there for various reasons. Maybe “the market isn’t ready” or you “don’t know what to charge” or “you haven’t settled on a name for the collection” or whatever excuse sounds good that day.

It seems like we’re all waiting for something to push us over the edge and actually launch the damn thing. Why are we waiting? What’s the hold up and how can we get past it?

First, let’s address the mythical ding. 

There’s this thing that we call the mythical ding that we’re all waiting for. Some of us give so much power to this ding that it prevents us from launching our business, our blog or our latest creation for fear that we’re not ready. We convince ourselves that once it’s “ready”, we’ll know. That something will just shift in the air and we’ll know that it’s okay to launch the thing.

The ding doesn’t exist.

The ding is made up of excuses that we use to hold ourselves back out of fear. Period.

You can’t know until you try. 

Yes, yes, you can sit there and roll your eyes at us for making a total “mom” comment, but it’s true. You cannot know if your latest idea is going to work until you actually get it out there. But guess where it works the least? Guess where it will make you absolutely zero dollars? In the shadows.

We like to say “good is good enough”. We heard that phrase from our friend Nikki Elledge Brown and we clung onto that hard. We keep saying it to ourselves every time we put something new out into the world. Whether it’s a blog post, a webinar, a new program our even our brand new YouTube channel!

Good is good enough.

There is no guarantee. 

We tell ourselves that we’re waiting to launch until we know that the launch will go well. Until we have enough people on our list or a big enough social media following or enough blog posts written. We think that by having all those things that our launch will go splendidly and we’ll make 6-figures.

Those numbers don’t guarantee anything.

We’ve had fantastic and meh launches both with small audiences and big audiences. We’ve had launches that statistically should’ve gone a certain way (both high and low) but they flipped up on us. That’s okay.

We learn something new every time.

If you give yourself permission to fail and to succeed you’ll win every time.

So, since we know you’re just waiting for us to give you permission to launch here is a list of how to know you’re ready to launch your next big thing:

  1. You have an idea for something great (but haven’t made it yet)
  2. You’ve created something you want to share
  3. You have 17 blog posts in queue
  4. You have 1 blog post in queue
  5. You’ve asked your audience what they want from you
  6. You want to try something new
  7. You want to add on a new service that you’ve done a thousand times now
  8. You want to add on a new service that you’ve kind of sort of done (once)
  9. You have half of something new made
  10. You picked a price, but you might want to change it later
  11. You haven’t fully worked out all the details on your new thing yet
  12. You heard from Think Creative Collective that you should just launch the damn thing

Notice a trend? Notice that it doesn’t matter where you are in the creation journey, and that you should just launch it? You will learn so much just by getting it out there so your next launch(es) will be bomb diggity.

No one is sitting out there tallying up everything you “should’ve” done in your launch. No one is counting your mistakes. No one is saying you should’ve waited. Oh, wait. Yes there is someone.

It’s you.

So stop it.

Put your thing out into the world. Make waves with it (or ripples). Just do it.

If you’re all like “okay, I’m ready to launch, but….how?”. We’re here for ya. We’ve got a handy dandy launch checklist waiting for you right here. You’re going to figure out how to generate some hefty buzz so you can freaking launch baby!

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How to Organize Your Launching Strategy with Trello

Abagail here. Raise your hand if launching gives you the heebie jeebies. I get it, boss. There are a million and one moving pieces and it’s hard enough for you to remember all the steps - let alone have some sort of organization that helps you keep it all together. My own launching methods included Dropbox folders overflowing with graphics, Post-it notes with never-ending to do lists and serious anxiety that I was going to forget something along the way.

Raise your hand if launching gives you the heebie jeebies. I get it, boss. There are a million and one moving pieces and it’s hard enough for you to remember all the steps - let alone have some sort of organization that helps you keep it all together. My own launching methods included Dropbox folders overflowing with graphics, Post-it notes with never-ending to do lists and serious anxiety that I was going to forget something along the way.  |  Think Creative Collective

Whether you are launching something ginormous like a new product or service or something a bit smaller like a blog post, you still need a single system to help you organize, track progress and flawlessly implement your launch.

Trello is Awesome

Ok, perhaps slight overstatement. Out of the box, Trello looks like just about every other project management system on the market. But, when you unlock and master its hidden potential you will sing its praises on the daily.

Inside Trello we manage daily tasks and construct large and complicated launch plans that are super easy to implement. We can see at a single glance the progress we’ve made and the steps we have left. And like icing on a cake, we didn’t have to pay for an expensive launch coach, project manager, or even VA to get it all setup.

We can go from idea to $10k+ launch in under 30 days.

The Secret Formula

Here’s the exact process we use every single time we have a launch.


You’re creative. You’ve got new ideas on the daily. Ideas are not in short supply. But often they are swirling in your head. For some this may seem “normal”, but for the majority it is probably giving you unnecessary anxiety. “How am I going to do it all?” “I can’t do this on my own?” “This idea is the best one I’ve ever had, but how can I execute it?”.

You’ve got to stop asking questions and just get it out of your head. Every time something crosses your mind - whether you will ever actually do it or not is irrelevant - you need to get it out. You need to give it space.

We keep an ongoing list of boss ideas inside our Big Picture Strategy. This gives us a place to let it all out, without jumping every time a new idea hits the brainwaves.


Got it? Have that special thing in mind you’ve been waiting for?

Awesome. Now it’s time to nail down all the steps as a checklist.

You will first create a new card in the “Current Launches” column inside Big Picture Strategy.

Inside that card you will create a checklist of EVERYTHING you need to do in order to launch that thing. Get as nitty gritty as possible. Our course launch checklist has more than 36 steps. That’s totally fine. Don’t stress about the volume of work. It is more important to break down each step into doable chunks. Don’t be afraid to get specific.


Now, before you go running to do all the things, this list needs time to breathe. Leave it for a couple of days. As you remember additional steps, add them to your checklist.

Before this step is complete take a couple minutes to review it and make sure you haven’t missed anything. Drag and reorder individual tasks so they are in the most logical order to complete them.


Since you’ve gone through the trouble of outlining every little thing it will take to launch I HIGHLY suggest you make a copy of this card and save it to your Processes List inside Your Business Blueprint. That way when you decide to launch again you already have all the tasks necessary outlined in advance and you can just do a quick review instead of totally reinventing the wheel.

Now, who's ready for my FAVORITE PART of this whole launching process?

Before you start you will need to create a new list. Title it the same as you did your original card.

Drag the card you created with all the individual tasks over to this list.

Now, starting at the top of your checklist, convert each item to a card.

At this point you should have a list with an empty card at the top and each checklist item should have their own card.

Before you move on, go ahead and delete that empty card by hitting archive and then delete.


You’ve already done the hard part. You outlined EVERY SINGLE TASK! This part is even simpler. Now that you have your individual items as cards you can assign dates to each one.

Go through and assign dates for each task. Keep in mind that on some days you may be able to do more than one task, but other tasks may need several days to implement. Be mindful of other things already on your schedule and assign them in the order that they are on the list.

Now at a glance you can see your launch schedule in list form.

Or in Calendar View.


Now as long as you follow your own outline, in a matter of weeks you could be in full on launch mode, ready and armed with everything you need. It’s just a matter of holding yourself accountable to the dates you set and being mindful of what you can actually accomplish.

You got this, babe.


Need some more help? No problem. We know launching can be a bit overwhelming. Inside Trello For Business we not only walk you through this process and many others (in video format), but we give you copies of all of our boards and all of our processes, including our fan-favorite, Launch in a Box. We’ve already put in the work so you don’t have to. We’ve thought out a launch plan. It’s ready for you to copy and paste. You can get started right now.

Need help with your next launch? We’ve got the goods on generating the right buzz and planning it out so you can be super successful. The best news is that it’s totally free. Yup, you can snag your copy of our latest ebook right here.

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4 Ways to Increase Conversion Rates in Your Next Launch

Launching can be very stressful. You know it and I know it (and I actually loooooove launching). You may have learned the secrets to writing a great sales page or even emails that can help you persuade like a boss, but what I don’t often see is people crafting a holistic launch plan.

Launching can be very stressful. You know it and I know it (and I actually loooooove launching). You may have learned the secrets to writing a great sales page or even emails that can help you persuade like a boss, but what I don’t often see is people crafting a holistic launch plan.  |  Think Creative Collective

A good launch is done from “open cart” to “close cart” alone, but a great launch is started weeks or months before you even give people the chance to buy. The best part is that if you take the time to be intentional before your launch, you take some stress out of the launch itself while also boosting your conversion rates. (Hallelujah!)

And I think you, your offer, and your audience deserve something complete and holistic. Your bank account will thank you too! So I’m gonna share with you four keys I’ve found that can take your launch from mediocre to massive success.

Have a solid pre-launch plan

Everyone thinks of the launch plan. You know what emails you’re sending, what bonuses you’ve got, and when it’s all going down. But what most people don’t think about is how to actually prepare their audience for the offer that’s coming their way. There are four main things to focus on in pre-launch that can prepare your audience and uplevel your conversions.

Priming Content

Whether they know it or not, your audience already has certain beliefs about your product or service. They think they know what they need when they see it, but they’re not always right about all those beliefs.

That’s why priming content can be so powerful. You can address the mindsets, myths, and mistakes around the subject matter of your product that are keeping it stuck. Turn those into emails, blog posts, podcasts, and social media posts and you’re on your way!

It’s still highly valuable content, and it creates real shifts for the audience that prepare them perfectly for your product.

Aligned Launch Trigger

Launches often kick off with some kind of high leverage event like a challenge, webinar, or video series. All of those and then some can be extremely effective if they truly lead into the product.

But often, I see people doing these events around the subject matter, but forgetting to prepare their audience for the new product. To make your high leverage events most effective, ask yourself:

  • What does my audience need to have done or accomplished to be ready for my offer?

  • What challenge does my product solve and what challenge often comes before that?

  • What do they need to know, understand, or believe in order to be ready for my product?

  • Is there part of my product from the early stages of development that could be split off for a free lead in?

These questions will help you create a perfectly aligned launch trigger to build excitement around your expertise. Then your audience will be perfectly prepared for your offer.

Creating a Warm Leads List

There is always a portion of your audience who are your warmest leads — the ones that listen to your podcast every week, jump on every livestream you host, and open every email you send. You want to start taking note of those particular people and connecting with them more deeply.

Another great way to create more warm leads is to have special free offers for them to experience you and your expertise first-hand. Invite engaged audience members to free calls, special training sessions, and other exclusive content so they feel even more special and you get to know them well enough to know how to communicate with them when the time comes to launch.

Personalize Your Communication

We have the potential for great communication at our fingertips every single day, but we often don’t utilize it as well as we could. Instead, we settle for mere “mass” communication.

A launch can be made even more powerful with a more personalized communication plan with your audience. Because no matter how hard we try, we always end up with people who are in different stages of their journey. It’s important that we respect that and communicate effectively.

Here are a couple of ways to start.

Segment Your Email List

What if you knew exactly who was most excited about the subject of your next offer? What if you knew what stage of their journey people were in? You absolutely can!

I love to kick off a pre-launch plan with a new opt-in freebie that I offer to my list (no opt-in required) so that when they click through to get it, I can tag and segment them accordingly. They have now become warm leads that I can continue to nurture and get more personal with in the pre-launch period.

Another quick trick is to do a one-click survey. Ask one question and give a few answers that help you know exactly where people are or what they’re struggling with. Make sure to link all those answers with specific tags or actions in your email provider and now you’ve got a list of people who might be ready for this or your next offer.

Bonus points if you add this to an autoresponder so everyone who comes into your business can segment themselves.

See who is opening, clicking, and inactive on your list. Most email systems give you these statistics. Pre-launch, you can do a list purge of those who are inactive by giving them the chance to get your new freebie. If they don’t open it, let ‘em go.

During your launch, you can send personal emails to those who click through inviting them to ask more questions or see what their objections are (which becomes awesome launch content, by the way). You can also re-send important emails to those who haven’t yet opened them. Change the subject line and add a message like, “I didn’t want you to miss this email I sent yesterday.” This gives you the chance to re-engage them.

Have a Personal Outreach Plan

This is an often overlooked part of a launch that can give a major boost to your bottom line results. The truth is that everyone loves a personal touch. While some of the activities I listed already give that, you can go a step further by actually reaching out.

In your pre-validation phase, if there were particular people really interested in what you were saying about the subject or potential offer, make sure they go on a list for personal invitations. This also goes for any of those on your warm lead list that you think are a perfect fit.

Create a feedback loop for yourself during the launch, like a few free calls or a chat box on your sales page, to get information and personally connect with those most interested in your offer. This gives you a chance to learn more about your audience, and gives you info that you can use in launch content. You can also use it to go deeper with warm leads who might not be right for this, but may be perfect for your next offer (or even give you ideas for your next offer).

Have those who’ve already purchased the product recommend it to people who they know might be good fits. We all know we love to share something that we’re excited about. Personal outreach can mean utilizing this excitement by giving your biggest fans the opportunity to share your product with others. You can obviously incentivize this as well!

Tell More Stories

Stories are the brain’s native language. That makes them an incredible tool to utilize when sharing about your offer. There are a few main stories to utilize to be most effective.

Your Stories

Everyone wants to know that an actual human is selling them the thing they need, so don’t be afraid to be, well, human. Empathy always wins the day. Don’t be afraid to get really vulnerable and transparent here.

You can share your stories like:

  • Why did you create this offer?

  • How did you learn the lessons you’re sharing in this offer?

  • What big failures and aha moments lead you here?

  • Why do you care about them, anyway?

Client Stories

The next story you need to key in on is the success stories of others you’ve helped. This helps because it connects emotionally but also shows your authority. So ask yourself:

  • Who have I worked with that has come through similar things?

  • Who has seen big results from our time together?

  • Who would help the audience see themselves getting their desired outcome most clearly?

  • Whose story shows that I know what I’m talking about?

But even if you don’t have client stories just yet, it’s okay. You can still paint a picture through story of your audience’s present struggle and their desired outcome with your offer being what binds them together. This is a powerful story that should certainly be included.

Go Multi-Media

We often leave launching in one particular place where our tribe gathers — like our email lists — and forget to get out there and have multiple touch points for them to find us and our offer. But by creating relationships and excitement in multiple places, we’re giving ourselves the best chance to connect and convert.

Get Visible Before Your Launch

Part of your pre-launch plan needs to include a time to get yourself high-level visibility and start expanding your reach. Yes, we want to love the leads we have, but there’s no reason we shouldn’t be looking for more.

So start with finding guest post, podcast, and other interview opportunities that are aligned with your business and audience. To take full advantage of this, be sure to keep the topic in line with your upcoming offer and drive everyone to that awesome new freebie you created. (Hello, segmentation!)

Also, don’t be afraid to get in your followers’ newsfeeds with some light Facebook ads. You can target your existing audience with your freebie offer, and you can target a lookalike audience with some of your pre-launch content to warm them up, then hit ‘em with that freebie.

Talk About Your Launch Everywhere

You’ve spent a lot of time building a community and following on multiple platforms, so make sure you’re telling them about your awesome stuff!

Many people go through their launch and leave their social following out of the mix. Big mistake! That means you’re leaving a whole heap of people who you could be serving behind. So break up your launch and pre-launch content into stories, tips, and promotions that you can share everywhere.

This is also a great time to use live video to talk to your people. Remember those objections and questions you’ve been getting? Live video is a great way to connect and educate in relation to those very things — and it becomes a way you can engage your audience that feels more personal. (Not to mention that you can actually then email these to your list, too!)

Host High Leverage Events

The launch trigger is just one high leverage event you can hold. During your launch (and even before), there’s no reason that you can’t also host more webinars or other live events to bring more people to you.

List out a few topics related to your product that you could share about and decide on the best format for them, then get out there and host away!

Retarget Your Hottest Leads with Ads

I talked a little about Facebook ads above, but these can be especially powerful with retargeting. If people visit your sales page (and it’s pixeled properly), then you can actually target them in a Facebook ad. You can remind them of your offer or deadline or you can even give them an opportunity to message you right there with questions.

Plus, all those livestreams you’re doing? You can boost them and even retarget those who watched them with a link to your sales page. You’ve warmed them up and now you can send them to their solution.

Lastly, those who were most segmented for your offer can be reminded that you have the solution they’re looking for with an ad specifically targeted to them and that custom audience list.


In the end, all of these tips come down to you needing a holistic launch plan. You can’t just drop out of the sky and deliver your amazing product. Most people need a little warming up first, so don’t be afraid to do that.

Yes, it takes a little more time and intentionality, but it makes it much more worth it when you convert in a bigger way and have even more people to serve with your product. And in the end, that’s what this is really all about, right?!

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