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The Daily Pinterest Formula to Jumpstart Your Referral Traffic

Way back in 2015, we shared our secrets on how we increased our Pin impressions by 53,285.71% in just two weeks! That is bananas. Since we get asked all the time to share our Pinterest strategy, we’d like to walk you through the tactics we used back then to make it all happen.

Way back in 2015, we shared our secrets on how we increased our Pin impressions by 53,285.71% in just two weeks! That is bananas. Since we get asked all the time to share our Pinterest strategy, we’d like to walk you through the tactics we used back then to make it all happen.  |  Think Creative Collective

You might be aware that we now use Tailwind to make this process even easier, but for those of you on a shoestring budget, this can get you big results for f-r-e-e.

Today, we’re covering the secret daily formula that took us from 3% Pinterest Referral Traffic, to 32.39% without decreasing other traffic sources. We’re also giving you a nice peek at Pinterest Analytics so you can begin to see how your own account is shaping up.

Back when we were just using the daily Pinterest formula (so no Tailwind yet), our Pinterest profile was being seen on average 7,175 times daily. Pins that linked back directly to our website increased by 100% and we began to see average daily impressions in the tens of thousands. How can you make this happen?

Our Daily Pinterest Formula

Fresh Content – You heard it here first (ha!). Blogging is the best avenue to get new and fresh content to share on Pinterest. Back when we were using the Daily Pinterest Formula, you guessed it, we were blogging 5 days a week.

Pinterest Friendly Content – In addition to writing frequently and consistently, we make sure all of our content is super Pinterest friendly. Every blog post includes a “title” photo. This image goes along with the theme of the post and includes the full title. We also make it portrait so when it is on Pinterest it appears larger. You don’t need to have loads of images, just focus on one good Pinterest-worthy image and you’ll be good to go.

Photo Names – Did you know that the title of your photograph is what automatically populates when someone pins your image? We always adjust our photos so at a minimum, the name includes the blog post name and our business name. We also try to pull out keywords or key sentences from the post that might entice someone to come check it out and add those to the title/description.

The SPECIAL Board – Any photo we ever pin from this website first gets pinned to our SPECIAL board. You should have at least 1 board that has 100% your content only. Not only does this allow for lurkers to have a central location to find your content, but it makes someone more likely to follow you. If your pinning is a little all over the place – baby, home, food, blogging and more – not everyone will want to follow every board. Having a special board gives them an easy, no hesitation follow option if they like what they are seeing from you.

The 5-Minute Pin Marathon – There is no reason you need to spend all day on Pinterest (unless you’ve got Tailwind in your toolbelt). This part of the daily ritual is quick and dirty. If you have taken the time to have the initial setup done, then this will take you no time at all.

  • Pin a photo directly from your website to your special board.
  • Navigate to Pinterest.
  • Repin that same Pin to all the group boards you are part of if the topic makes sense
  • Repin that Pin to any special categories it may fall under – i.e. Small Business Advice, Social Media, How to Grow Your Blog, etc.
  • Have more than one Pinterest friendly image? Rinse & Repeat.

That’s it, it is really that simple. Follow this simple formula every day and you can see some amazing results.

How to Up the Odds

Monitor Your Impressions – The time of day you pin no longer greatly affects your impressions. The Pins people see on their homepage are now more “curated” by an algorithm. This has its pros and its cons, but we have personally found it helpful because we no longer need to be pinning at 9 p.m. — we can pin at 9 a.m. and see essentially the same results. At the time this article was first written, we had upped the impressions by 122.78%, and most recently seeing 16,027 impressions on just a single day.

Repins are Your Friend – Repins not only drive additional impressions, but they give you the opportunity to be exposed to people outside your own audience. The more repins, either the better the content you posted or the more “Pinterest friendly” your Pin was. Two of our top repinned posts are infographics which we created.

Clicks = Traffic – Ultimately, you want people to click over to your website, not just see your pretty pictures. See what posts are getting the most clicks. What makes them special? How are they better or different from your other content? This sort of information can give you great insight into what you should do next.

Referral Traffic

Our Pinterest Referral traffic has skyrocketed to 2nd place, just behind Direct. Direct is a combination of people who just know the URL and type it in and Instagram Referrals. By comparing our most popular Pins on Pinterest to the most popular pages/posts on our website, we can draw instant conclusions. To see our web traffic, we use a combination of both Squarespace and Google Analytics. We now have a fairly good idea of what “works” and what “works better”. This sort of insight helps us further tailor our content to our readers’ needs and desires.

How have you utilized Pinterest to drive traffic to your website or blog? What have you found to be useful?

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How to Use Tailwind to Automatically Grow Your Blog Traffic Month After Month

In terms of content sharing, specifically blog post sharing, Pinterest is Queen. It’s hands down the best platform to get your content in front of the most people organically (they don’t need to be following you to see your content), so spending time here as an online business owner is a no-brainer.

We’ve gone over our daily Pinterest formula and strategies to harness the power of Pinterest before, but today we’re letting you know about a secret weapon that makes it all happen….faster.

Bonus: There’s free stuff for you at the end so keep reading!

In terms of content sharing, specifically blog post sharing, Pinterest is Queen. It’s hands down the best platform to get your content in front of the most people organically (they don’t need to be following you to see your content), so spending time here as an online business owner is a no-brainer.  |  Think Creative Collective

Now, in our post about our daily Pinterest formula we talk about how we used to spend 2-3 minutes a day tops on the platform. We would pin as new content was posted every single weekday (when a blog post would go live). Then, that was it.

It definitely wasn’t a bad strategy. Heck, it meant Pinterest was one of our top referrers (next to Instagram) for traffic, so it was nothing to complain about. Our clicks, repins and traffic would go up consistently every month, but we knew there was more we could be doing.

Since Pinners are on the platform multiple times a day, the analytics are kind of all over the place for “the best time” to pin. We’d heard that other bloggers like to pin up to 20-25 times a day, but the only way we were going to be able to be on the platform that frequently was if we had help.

Enter our new best friend.

Enter the Pinning Automation god.

Enter Tailwind.

Tailwind is a desktop (and phone) app that allows you to bulk pin and schedule pins for days, weeks, and months in advance.

It is a paid app (about $9/month), but keep reading to see how you can try it for free.

We’ve recommended Tailwind to a lot of creative small business owners, but that’s come with a lot of questions about how you actually use the app. So today, that’s what we’re talking about.

We’re walking you through how to use Tailwind to #PinAllTheThings so your biz can be running without you doing a thing.


First, let’s get you Tailwind for free. Sound good? If you create your account using this link you’re going to unlock 30 days of Tailwind for free. Try it on for size, see if you like it (you will) and let Tailwind rock your world.

After creating your account in Tailwind, the first thing we recommend doing is downloading the extension for your browser. You’ll be able to find your extension download button under “Publisher” -> “Drafts”. It’s free and it’ll save you a ton of time, we promise.

Once you have the extension downloaded for your browser, go ahead and open up Pinterest. We bulk pin directly from within Pinterest using the Tailwind extension because they make it super easy.


Go to your profile and open a board you’d like to start pinning from. Then click the Tailwind extension in your browser and click on as many of your pins as you’d like to schedule.

You’ll see we currently have three pins selected and we could click “go schedule” if those were the only ones we wanted to bulk schedule at this time.

Pro Tip: Bulk select your pins based on topic and category. We have boards broken down per topic, so we could go through and select all pins related to social media, for instance, and bulk schedule just those. Also, consider bulk pinning other people’s content. The entire point is for you to create a user experience for people who are searching for specific topics. If you can provide an all-encompassing experience for them, they’ll follow you and stick around.


Once we click “Go Schedule”, a new window will pop up letting you tell Tailwind where you want to pin those pins. We’d want to make sure these pins were heading to the boards we wanted them to head to. We can add them all to the same board by typing in the board name(s) under the “Add Board to All” or individually add them to specific boards by typing the board names under each pin.


A very unique feature that Tailwind has is the ability to set pins to go out at intervals. We use this feature mostly when we’re pinning to group boards because there’s usually a rule that pinners can only pin once a day so we don’t want to get on anyone’s bad side. So we usually select all pins that we want to share on our own boards, then reselect pins that we want to share in group boards so we can give them interval timeslots.

Unfortunately, you have to give an interval to each individual pin, so if you’re pinning a lot at once it can get tedious, but it’s worth it. You can see for this pin, we’ve set the interval to have a 2-day, 8-hour time gap between each pin. You can set this to be as little as 10min to as many as 90 days between pins — it’s totally up to you. It’ll give you a nice preview of when those pins will go out so you can be assured that they won’t flood your group boards.

Pro Tip: Create Board Groups in Tailwind to save you even more time. You can do this by heading to the Tailwind app and clicking “Publish” -> “Board Lists”. You can see we’ve grouped ours by topic both for our own boards and group boards that we’re on.

Once you’ve got your pins scheduled, you’ll be able to see them inside your dashboard. From here you can rearrange them, delete them, and track their progress. You can simply click “Shuffle Queue” or physical click to drag and drop pins to the timeslots you want.

Pro Tip: If you’ve given any pins a specific time to post or set pins to intervals you’ll see a lock icon next to that pin in your draft schedule. You’d want to use this feature for time sensitive pins like launches or promotions. Shuffling your queue will not affect these pins.


As we said earlier, most people suggest pinning upwards of 25 times a day, so you’ll want to add to the time-slots that Tailwind gives you by default. Tailwind automatically loads you with suggested time-slots based on their extensive research into pinners’ activity, so we wouldn’t change these, we would just add to them. You can easily add new time-slots by hitting “+ Add Time-slot”. You can see we’ve added a lot, ha! One thing we like is that unless you add multiple time-slots of the same time, you can be assured that only one pin will go out at any given time. This is good for you, because your audience won’t feel bombarded by an influx of pins from you at one time.


Pinterest does a pretty great job at telling you your analytics already and we gave you a simple breakdown of  how to decode them here. But Tailwind takes this even further inside their app.

You can find a breakdown of your numbers in a few places. One is your dashboard, where you’ll see a quick glance of your entire account progress.

Another spot for you to check out specific analytics is inside “Track Your Brand Page” -> “Profile Performance”.

You can also check out board specific analytics inside the “Board Insights” tab.

You can also get a really neat look at individual pins using the “Pin Inspector” under “Optimize Content”.

Another cool little feature, just really for your viewing pleasure, is your word cloud. You can find this inside “Monitor Your Domain” -> “Organic Activity”. Here’s ours.

So, we know that was a lot, but trust us when we say that diving into Tailwind is so, so worth it. Remember our 2 minute daily formula? Well, our daily formula is now maybe 30 seconds (the time it takes to pin the most recent blog post to our main board). Then we go in about once a month and spend about 15 minutes bulk scheduling all the pins for the next 4 to 6 weeks. We can rest assured that we’re present multiple times a day (25 times, in fact!) without us lifting a finger during the day. Our traffic has steadily gone up on our site and the repins are through the roof (meaning our content is getting seen and loved by new people). We’re talking over 16k clicks to our website from a pin happening every single month (whoa).

Remember to grab your free month of Tailwind by heading here! We can’t wait to see your pins popping up.

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15 Essential Free Tools for Your Social Media Marketing

It is so easy to get overwhelmed when trying to devise a plan to make your social media not only work for you, but also to prepare your business to be more profitable. What if we could put you through a social media bootcamp and tell you EVERYTHING we know?

Well, lucky you, that’s what’s about to go down.

We have rounded up every tip, trick and secret to not only up your marketing game, but to give you tools to get started right now. Grab a cup of coffee and a notebook, and clear your space of distractions. We have a feeling you might be here for a while so put on some cozy socks and throw that hair up into a top knot. Let’s get to business.

15 Essential Free Tools for Your Social Media Marketing | Think Creative Collective


Instagram has hands down been our favorite platform. We have seen some crazy insane growth - we are talking nearly 75 new followers a day. It has easily been our biggest income driver outside of webinars. Here is what you need to know:


Facebook has been such an incredible way to meet new people. Connect with fellow entrepreneurs and feel a sense of community. Heck, that’s where Emylee and I found each other. Check out some of the ways we utilize Facebook.


Pinterest is a huge traffic driver for us. We see more than 43% of our blog traffic come directly from Pinterest. These strategies work! On average pins from our site see 68,329+  impressions per day. This sort of traffic has led to sales not just in the U.S. but all over the world. Just last week we were on a call with a customer from Belgium… talk about BANANAS.


Twitter is a speed-based platform. With tweets lasting only minutes, it is hard to keep up. However, it can be a wonderful way to have some fun conversations. We’ll be the first to admit that we don’t put all our social media marketing eggs in the Twitter basket. We’ve decided to concentrate our efforts elsewhere (for now), but that’s not to say that there aren’t some amazing small businesses using Twitter to authentically grow their following.

Did you make it back up the rabbit hole we just sent you down? We know that was a lot of information so try not to let the overwhelm sink in. Focus on one platform at a time and perfect it like the total boss that you are before adding on another. It’s okay to not be everywhere! In fact we encourage you to be where your audience is. Find out where they hang out online and show up there with bells on.

Sit down with your marketing department (AKA you, you and you) and set a plan in place for how you can use 1-2 platforms well this quarter. Set up a strategy, put it in place, and don’t deviate from it. That’s the only way you’re going to be able to get true data on how a platform affects your business so you can begin to see real results from it.


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(Re)Fall in Love with Your Pinterest

Pinterest can be pretty overwhelming, especially if you started pinning long before you started your own business. Instead of ditching your account, capitalize on the content you do have and (re)fall in love with Pinterest all over again. Today we will cover how how to go from Pinterest “hater” to Pinterest-proud and give you tips on how you can too!

(Re)Fall in Love with Your Pinterest - How to revamp your Pinterest into a more organized, traffic driving, marketing machine... that you love instead of dread!  |  Think Creative

I started my Pinterest in college. My boards were broad and un-organized. I mainly pinned craft ideas, yummy recipes and, since I was in design school, lots of design related inspiration. Times changed and I adjusted. Pinterest then became my wedding planning Mecca. I spent hours combing boards trying to find the perfect ideas to incorporate into my own wedding. My wedding day came and went so I started transitioning again. We spent a year renovating our 1960s house into a mid-century modern home. That meant lots of DIY, “dream” décor and furniture. Now, settled and growing an online business, I shifted again.

Now the focus has shifted to blog content, small business ideas, and growth strategies. As you personally go through life stages your Pinterest can grow with you. Here are the strategies we put in place to get on the right path.

Convert to a Business Page

There is no shame in taking your personal board and converting it to a business focus. It is super simple to change; you will just need to follow the steps outlined here. Once converted and verified you will then have access to awesome features like Pinterest Analytics.

Watch the video below for an overview of Pinterest Analytics or download a detailed how-to guide:

Organize Boards

If you have had Pinterest for a while, this is the part that can get overwhelming. Go through and decide what works for you and what doesn’t. Delete boards that are no longer relevant. Repin items so that a couple of similar boards can morph into one. Think about your ideal audience. What sort of boards would appeal to them? How could your products or services relate to those topics? Really want to hoard that recipe board from college but think it’s a sloppy mess? Just turn it to “secret” and your ideal client won’t even know it exists!

After you have really power cleaned your Pinterest, reorganize the layout. Move the most relevant boards to the top of your page. If you have several boards that all have similar topics, group those boards together – for example if you have Wedding Cake, Wedding Invitations, and Wedding Flowers, put those next to each other.

Make New Relevant Boards

As you begin to organize your boards you may realize there are certain boards that you really should have, but you just don’t! Spend some time brainstorming what they could be and then go ahead and create 10 or so of your best ideas. Our suggestion is that after you create them, go ahead and spend 10-15 mins pinning a minimum of 5 items to each board so that they aren’t sitting vacant.

If you are a blogger or have products or services you sell online you should have a minimum of one board – always listed first - that showcases your content / items exclusively. Many times other pinners are skeptical to follow ALL of your boards, but if you have a dedicated board it allows them to follow your products or blog posts as you add them.

Update Covers

Once you have all your ducks in a row, go through and edit the cover images. You want to convey a similar vibe across your account that all relates back to your brand message and images. Some people will even create custom cover images that include the title of the board. If you choose not to adjust it will automatically use the first item you pinned on each board as the default cover image, which generally doesn’t showcase the quality of pins inside that board.

Instant SEO

Make sure that you do simple things like fill in the board description and describe your pins! Think of Pinterest as a visual search engine. The words you find yourself searching for most should be the words most used in your pin and board descriptions. Keep in mind that links don't automatically become hyperlinks, but people can simply copy and paste, allowing you to leave links to your website or email in board descriptions.

Add Pinterest Board descriptions for simple SEO tricks.  |  Think Creative

Apply for Group Pinterest Boards

Not every Pinterest fanatic believes in this tactic, but we have found group boards to be very beneficial for generating new traffic to our website and new followers on Pinterest. As long as the topics they cover are in line with your content, you shouldn’t have any major issues. Apply for between 5 and 10 and just see what happens. Here is how we got started with group Pinterest boards.

Keep Pinning

Even though Pins live longer than Facebook, Instagram or Twitter posts, it is still crucial you continue adding new pins to your board. Even 5 minutes a day can create dramatic changes for your web traffic.

Pinterest is hands down our #1 traffic source! In fact, Pinterest generates 42.14% of our total traffic - that’s more than 70,205 impressions a day!


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Decoding Pinterest Analytics: What Your Numbers Mean

Pinterest can do WONDERS for your web traffic and can even bring you business from all over the world. Understanding how to use it is one thing, but seeing what works is quite another.

In the past we have covered how to (re)fall in love with your Pinterest. And even jumped into our Daily Pinterest Formula to show you how we get our staggering results (we are talking 30k or more pin impressions a day)! But today we are jumping into the world of analytics and how to decode all the numbers. 

Understand how to use Pinterest Analytics. See how Pinterest works for you. Know what people love about your profile and website. See what they engage in and dive into how to learn more about your audience.  |  Think Creative Collective

Before you even jump in you must ensure your account is setup as a business account otherwise analytics will not work. Here you can join as a business or if you already have an account you can convert it. Don’t forget to confirm your website, this is what allows you to see what traffic is landing on your site - here is how to set that up

We want to help you discover how Pinterest works for you. We will show you what people love most from your Pinterest profile and website, show you who is engaging and even dive into how to learn more about your audience.

Here is a Brief 2-Minute Overview

Ready to jump in deeper? Download your free Guide to Pinterest Analytics!

Still have questions? Leave a comment below, we are always happy to help!
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